HobbyCon 2007, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah – Day 2 December 9, 2007

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It’s the second day of HobbyCon 2007, and it is the final day for this exciting event. The Magic Tournament is the main event for today, together with other side event as well. Crowd participants are very convincing, judging from the number of peoples coming to the booths, and their interaction with what offered at HobbyCon 2007.





Since today will be my last day in Kota Kinabalu, I took the chance to take more pictures than yesterday, although I’m aware of my camera capacity and ability to take pictures. That could best explain why I pressed the shutter more than five times for one shot. That was my last hope to get a perfect picture for one shot. Unlike yesterday, some pictures are not convincing enough to deliver the message that HobbyCon 2007 is fun and exciting!


The KKCC became popular today. Crowds never stop asking the club members to take pictures with them. That for me is a satisfaction, because you know people like it when you got their attention. Besides, you will never see such scene everyday.


Unfortunately, I have to leave early today due to some other commitment. I hope the ClickStartPlay would consider continuing hosting such event. It was a good exposure for youngsters to develop their hobby into something positive and acceptable to everyone. One old man asked me what HobbyCon is about. I gave him my best answer (actually, that’s the only thing I can think of), “It’s a place where they share their hobby, make friends and contributing something to make this scene fun and interesting”. He nodded, while his eyes glued to the KKCC booth.



In conclusion, HobbyCon 2007 was a total success. In addition, I got to know some ClickStartPlay members as well. Simply said, it was fun and interesting. *Did I repeat the same phrase again?*

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