Development – Reality and Dreams December 13, 2007

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Recently there has been a hoo-haa in the local virtual forum about Labuan’s development and properties. It was agreed by some of the members there are not much facilities like any big city as well. Furthermore, the said problem contributes to what they called ‘a boring environment’.

Two words; wake up. Generally, development is for the public use. Although there always have been acknowledge about the profit making purpose behind all the developments, it actually depends on what we always heard of; supply and demand. It’s the universal law. A decision relied heavily on one side would not always a good option to achieve a win-win situation.

To make it more unrealistic, Labuan has been compared to Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and other big cities in Malaysia. It’s unfair, simply for its environment, socio-culture and economies. Let me say it again, unfair, unrealistic, and nonsense. Without insulting other people’s intelligence, Labuan still working very hard to be on par with big cities mentioned before. Though we have the oil & gas companies scattering around the industrial area, LOFSA (which gave Labuan an offshore business status), entertainment spots around town, and some potential tourism spots which now has been developed to some level, perhaps would generate more income to Labuan.

But now, to ask for a shopping complex similar to Berjaya Times Square in Labuan?

First, let’s see at the mobility in Peninsula Malaysia. You can reach anywhere with a bike, car, bus and many more. It’s accessible to anyone with road transportation. That is one key point that would assure the successful of Berjaya Times Square. Now let’s see about Labuan. The only main transports to mainland Sabah are by ferry (passenger to Kota Kinabalu, or vehicles to Menumbok) and airplane (with fewer routes than any other state in Malaysia). Obviously, that is one constraint to attract visitors from Borneo to come to Labuan; if anyone out there can realize.

Second, the trends of expenses in Labuan are seasonal and only when there are need to do so. In conclusion, to step into a shop everyday are the last thing any average wage earner would do in Labuan. To support the statement, there are approximately 70,000 peoples living on this island (including infants, children’s, school students, school leavers, government servant, and many more occupants whom living their life everyday).

There’s a rumor that the housing projects in Labuan now are for the purpose to accommodate the expectancy of another batch of government servant transferred to Labuan by next year or in a planned time frame anytime soon, or whichever comes first. To prepare with that, a real estate flipping would be a must to those whom dealing in real estates.

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