The job that keeps us in piece December 13, 2007

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It’s been a couple of month since I left my Australian boss. I left the business (partially, since I am still one of the Director, and a Secretary to the companies). I left Australia for good (will be there again next time; strictly for holiday purpose). I left everyone.

My loyal blog readers would still remember I’ve regularly traveled to Brunei, Australia & New Zealand. I enjoyed every single trip, except for the last one, because saying goodbye is never easy. Anyone questioned me the same thing, the reason I left the company for good. I would say there are only certain peoples I trust in my life that know the real thing. Not even a business partner would know what I think of.

Anyway, I’ve learned many things from my trip. From having a real meeting with Auditors in Brunei, setting up an office with used cisco in New Zealand (you should check my trip to Te Puia, Rotorua. Amazing Race Asia Season 2 was there recently), and doing everything in Australia. I must say it was a great experience, and all the time it reminds me of the family whom responsible to give me a good chance to view life from my very own perspective.

I still miss the job, though I enjoy my business now. By now you might realize I am not the kind of person who likes to work under someone direction. I always want to set my own direction. I realized the satisfaction (in terms of income; of course) I can get from doing the business is different from waiting for salary every end of month. Though I enjoyed being in both situation, I know I will never capable to handle both in one time. So I decided, sometimes it’s better to let go than holding it back, causing more pain in the neck. So I did, and here I am, trying to make every piece of pie together, just for me, myself.

Every morning, I woke up with one question, “what should I do to make today interesting?” Though everyone would say that question needs one simple answer, I didn’t think so. I am the type who thinks a lot. I want to achieve many things from a single decision, without causing a collateral damage to me or anyone. Perhaps that’s why I will always get blur once or twice on every month. That’s life, cope with it. Human will never get anywhere near perfection.

How about you? You start your day with a schedule that already planned since you take the job, OR you put some twist and tango to make it different from any other day?

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