I hope.. December 17, 2007

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Did I tell you guys that I want to travel to all places in Sabah within 30 days?

That was my plan when I struggling with my work in Australia couple of months back. I told myself I want to have a good look of Sabah colorful culture when I come back to Malaysia. Desperate for something refreshing and perhaps meaningful, I guess Sabah would be the best choice.

During my free time, I’ll watch Discovery Channel Travel & Living (back then before they changed all the channels in Astro), blog hopping (Julian blog got all the interesting stories about what you can experience in Sabah) and from my readings thru local magazine, such as Traverama. Undeniably, that are the reasons why I want to do that. I want to know what does it like when you see the scene for yourself.

But then, you may ask why Sabah, not Labuan?

Some people know I want to promote Labuan to the world. At some point, I guess there’s not much to tell about Labuan. There was a lack of resource, equipment and knowledge. So, if I admit I’m not capable or insufficient of those things mentioned above, why want to go for the next level? Or go for big shot?

I’ve been a Labuan citizen for many years. What moves Labuan now is not the culture. Labuan has been known for its free duty status, oil & gas industry, financial offshore status and enhancements to its facilities in order to attract and boost tourism industries in Labuan. These matters involve a lot of work force, and to comply with the demand, lots of foreigners or outsiders flew, migrated, and moved to Labuan. This brings more foreign culture adaptation to local version. While everyone struggling to keep the tradition to the root, it’s still a fancy thing you will only see during festive season or functions organized by government bodies or Labuan Corporation. You might shot me back with my words, that Sabah are the same. But to know that they’re keen to keep the culture in their youth mind, it’s sweeter than seeing everything behind the glass. I’m not condemning my land just because I fancy other people culture, but this is what I think would be best for my interest and satisfaction – in life and photography.

However, it’s not a simple thing to do. With job commitment strangling my neck to the office desk, the idea can be realized when I go for holiday. Thirty days holiday might be impossible. Plus, the fact that I need a proper logistic to make my dreams come true, that’s another constraint to consider. I don’t need a fancy hotel like Las Vegas hotel, a cool ride to drive to anywhere in Sabah, a nice clothes or whatever fancy. I can cope with staying at motel or backpackers, drive a wrecked but functional 4×4, go around in short pant and faded t shirt (the latter could be revised.  ).

For now, I’ll keep it in my mind. Until I know I’m fully equipped and wise enough to scour around Sabah, and I know I got time to do so, that will be my sweet dream.

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