HobbyCon 2007 – Day 2 December 19, 2007

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Note : Dad bought a unit of apartment in Kota Kinabalu, that comes with the mortgage life insurance, which means, it will pay your home mortgage if you were to die, unexpectedly. I kid you not, this is for real. I’m talking about the Cyber City Apartment.

After struggling from the camera setting on Day 1, I came back next day with hopes that everything will come up pretty good this time. Anyway, some people from CSP already knew who am I, and greeted me. My apology, I didn’t manage to get to know each of them on both day. I will, next year.

Let’s move on to the event and the booths.

The Magic Tournament

Giving some explanation about the game itself, with DJ Selina being the MC for that day.

Dungeon & Dragon

KC, serious guy I tell you….

Warhammer 40K

Team DayDreamer & Gempak

Team DayDreamers (CSP members as well)

Ah Kwan from Gempak team.

Smile for the camera.
Not from TDD or Gempak.

Admiring the artwork.

That’s all for now.

p/s : I didn’t come back to know who’s the winner for The Magic Tournament.

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