HobbyCon 2007 – Day 1 Pump It Up Tournament December 19, 2007

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Note : I saw the Amazing Race Asia Season 2 teams went to Rotorua, New Zealand. I recognized all the places they’ve been to. Too bad I was lying on my back at that time, and the TV set was low. I need a tv mount for sure!

We continue to the pictures from the main event for Day 1 of HobbyCon 2007 – Pump It Up Tournament!

More pictures coming up (when I get my own broadband connection at home, soon!) but for now I’ll let you guys know what it was like to be there.

It took me a while to adjust with the environment. Crowded place, low key lighting, etc. I don’t want to use the flash, because I was afraid that could distract the PIU contestants. But if I didn’t use, this is the result.

Blur image of fast moving action. Note the subject to the right look pretty intact with the focus.

Tired of taking pictures of peoples back, I moved to the front. But this time, with the ‘fence’ in between me and the contestant, I guess the focus would be distracted by the ‘fence’ existence. So I put my camera to the floor, and started ‘chimping’ (Taking pictures without looking from the viewfinder or the LCD screen).

And so the judges for that day are

That’s Mir on the far… err.. left or right?

Actually, there’s another judges for the semi final, but didn’t manage to get their picture.

And so the day ended with the price giving ceremony. These are the winners.


1. Daniel Lee
2. Rahmat @ Snake
3. Zulfaris @ Jhun
4. Kevin @ Ren
5. Cubex
6. Sabrina @ Meow
7. Mark
8. Junaidi

Newbie Speeder
1. Lee
2. Nurul
3. Mark
4. Ruby
5. Ah Fei @ Yoel
6. Mizan

Female Speeder

1. Nadya @ Miki
2. Angguli
3. Sabrina @ Meow
4. Melissa

These are the random images of the winners. More pictures coming up soon, since still under maintenance.

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