A wise old man December 20, 2007

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I met an old friend in Brunei yesterday. He is a taxi driver, and I am his regular customer. It’s been like that ever since I work with my Australian boss (which I’ve quit the company couple of months back). He’s still the same old same old nice guy. To make it easy, he speaks in Malay fluently. I guess it’s not a big problem for Chinese people in Brunei to speak in Kedayan or Malay or English; fluently.

He asked me how my life has been going. Being a gentle old man with his humble appearance, he spoke slowly. Not because of his age, but that is his way of communicating. I respect him for that, although on some occasion, we both went beyond proper etiquette of conversation.

I guess there’s not much to talk about. Since I returned to Labuan and decided to live a simple life, the only thing I consider about is my life insurance license and to make the office more functional. What else is better to talk to an old man, other than spinning the question back to him? Older guy loves attention, so to reverse his question about my life back to him was a victory of dodging intermediate invasion of my personal life (Of course to share something with someone you know is not an invasion, but I prefer to keep it low).

He burst his breath. It’s a sign of something has been bothering him and there has never been anyone to spoke with. I guess.

Adjusting his gold chain slinging on his left wrist, he put his hand on the dashboard.

“The taxi is getting older, I need a new one” followed by a soft sigh.

This man dedicated to his job. I think he likes it so much. The Japan made car still working well. Perhaps the car interior and exterior that look a bit obsolete made him think to get another car; for him and his customers comfort. He says, “I’m going to get a Toyota Avanza soon”, and this time, he smiled. I thought that was his intention 6 months ago, and it’s still unrealized till these days. I hope he will get what he wanted soon.

Then he talk about his daughter whom studying in Australia now. He’s been planning to visit her sometimes early next year. He wanted to go to Gold Coast; of course with a big grin on his face. Then we talk about Brunei in general. This guys carries a lot of Brunei information in his mind that most of his foreign customers stays loyal to him. Good for him!

That guy demonstrates the importance of communication. He’s cautious, but yet the topic of conversation never been boring. He tried to retain the fun content, so the long journey with him will never be boring. Sometimes, he realized the gap between our ages, but still he manages to share something without crossing the boundary. He’s really good in conversing. 45 minutes drive from Muara to Bandar Seri Begawan has never been boring with him, my friend, Mr Lim.

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