HobbyCon 2007 – Day 2 KKCC December 20, 2007

Filed under: HobbyCon 2007 — saifulrizan @ 11:30 am
I didn’t take many photos of them on Day 1, but on Day 2, the Kota Kinabalu Cosplay Club member attracted a lot of attention. I wonder why there’s not much attention on Day 1. The club members consist of ClickStartPlay member. I think I remember the first time IRTea was discovered by Julian at Gaya Street; where everything about cosplay started in ClickStartPlay.

Some would think it’s a waste of time, but I know the KKCC members gave a lot of commitment to their hobby / personal interest. It’s not something that easily available; some of them made their own costume themselves. There you go, another useful pastime activities rather than doing nothing, go loose and end up in drug treatment centers

Here you go, some of the KKCC members for that day. Enjoy!

nuffnang_bid = “081fd07fd721ff375650480881a47c88”;


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