Looking back 2007 December 26, 2007

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Note : Spend this New Year celebration with your family at home. Have a backyard BBQ, invite friends to come over, and celebrate the night with a nice outdoor lighting to make it remarkable.

It’s always the best thing to look back at what we’ve been through. December is always the best time to look back to value the experience.

January – There’s not much happening around January. Apart from hectic work schedule, I spent weekends at home or out there on the beach, having a BBQ or just feel the sea breeze. Life was pretty much occupied with job, so there’s nothing much interesting to talk about.

I tried to documenting Labuan into a set of pictures, by using my first digital camera, a Point & Shoot camera, BenQ DC C510. It was bought from Plaza Low Yatt during my trip to KL with family. I drive around Labuan, going to historical places, monuments, interesting places, and anything that would give credit to Labuan in general. Till today, I haven’t finish taking pictures and documenting the places I’ve visited (or yet to be visited). However, I’ve created a blog for it, an initial platform before it go to [dot]com. Feel free to visit My Labuan Island. There’s still a problem with the template, because I don’t have Internet at home for now. The project will be continued on January 2008.

February – I guess this was the time I put myself into NXG Solution clan. I remember helping Adam moving to the new office, located above the Restoran Sofia at Jalan Tun Mustapha. With only basics stuff needed to be in the office (most of it are not important, since Adam prefer to do the job at home), it only took two of us doing the job. Hey, Syahrul was there too.

March – I spent a couple of days in Labuan Bird Park, taking pictures of birds there. It’s for the Labuan Bird Park. When the picture editing and other materials completed, it will go to [dot]com. Another community project to promote Labuan tourism and public knowledge about bird in Labuan Bird Park, by me.

April – I joined Labuan Rugby Club, after the Treasurer at that time, Zulkarnain read my post when I attended the UMS-KAL Rugby 7s Tournament held at Labuan Square sometimes around February or March (Can’t remember). This club consists of professionals in different industry in Labuan, and I’m glad to know each of them. I helped Mike, to create a Labuan Rugby Club blog.

May – I got Sony DSC H5 for my birthday (although it’s couple of weeks before the actual birthday). I guess it was the peak of my intuition towards getting a dSLR. Unfortunately, it is a ProSumer camera (half Point & Shoot, half digital SLR), anyway, I go with the flow. Only a poor workman would blame his tools.
The camera first assignment (self decision) was to take photos during the Labuan International Sea Challenge 2007. Labuan Corporation asked if I would like to sell the photos, and I come up with the cheapest price in Malaysia (including giving away the copyright). Unfortunately, they didn’t agree. So, I’ve posted all photos in another blog, LISC 2007. Spend some time to visit the blog, will you?

June – With the new camera, I revisit Labuan Bird Park to retake pictures. Though most of the previous one is still in the vault, waiting to be edited, I insist taking another set. And till today, I still can’t manage to take time to get it done.

In another thing, I joined the rugby club member holding a rugby clinic to school children from different schools in Labuan. I don’t know if I taught them well. What can we expect from playful children?
July – I’m on vacation! Went to Kota Kinabalu and decided to spend a week there. Went to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, Poring Hotspring Ranau, enjoy the panoramic view all the way from Kota Kinabalu to Ranau, enjoy taking pictures around scenic areas in KK. What a joy!

August – Labuan Rugby Club organized the 6th EC Trust Co Labuan 10s 2007. This tournament attracted clubs from Brunei and Sabah. You can check all the pictures at 6th ECTrustCo Labuan 10s Rugby Tournament 2007

And this month also, I flew to Australia. With plenty of works waiting for me there, there’s not much to expect about holiday. It’s all just work and work. Hell!!!!

September – Went back to Labuan. I decided to quit, though the job is an opening to another opportunity, but I know there’s limitation to what I can do. And no, I can’t do everything I want to. I’m just a human.

October, November & December – Duress and epiphany of s**c**e.

Have a good 2008 everyone.

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