Labuan Skateboarders January 31, 2008

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I used to be a skateboarders back then, but quit when I got back in Labuan after spending my youth ages in Johor Bahru. Back then, there were not many skateboarders around. So I decided to quit.

I sat down at the skate park today (located next to Grand Dorsett hotel) after seeing a couple of skateboarders warming up.

I didn’t approach them, but rather sit on the bench and start snapping.








This is my first attempt on taking extreme sport action using this DSC H5 (previously I used BenQ DC C510 for the Warisan Square demo – it sucks!). I should sit somewhere to get the best composition.







Bokeh? January 29, 2008

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I don’t know if the title sounds right.

To be honest, when I taking these pictures below, I was adjusting the Aperture to get the desired Depth Of Field (DOF). I was trying to practice what I’ve read from the Amateur Photographer magazine and from other people’s blog about Depth Of Field and their pictures demonstrating it.

However, I still can’t get the relation between bokeh (it’s Japanese term for blurness) and Depth Of Field.

Anyway, these pictures below are the sample of shallow depth of field. It means that only a small portion of the flower is in focus. I did this with wide open aperture (the widest I can get from this DSC H5 is F8.0).






I know everyone is better than me when it comes to photography. Anyone can confirm what I’ve mentioned above?




Labuan Airport January 27, 2008

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A forum member asked if I can take photos of the newly renovated Labuan Airport (which was completed last October when I was still in Australia). I decided to go at night, believing the neon looks more interesting even if I have to think about noisy, low ambient lights and the capabilities of this camera alone that a bit lagging in taking pictures in such situation.

More, I did not bring my tripod, thus I have to take plenty of pictures of the same shot/image so I can pick the best of it.



So let’s start with Level 1, where they located the Arrival halls for International and Domestic flights. As far as I’ve concerned, there were never a time when these two arrival halls ever full or crowded. I hope the extension of the strip/runway will accommodate more planes (I heard it was designed to allow AirBus to land on it) and expansion of flight route.


The International Arrival Hall


Domestic arrival hall




The walkway


Now, let’s move to Level 2. This is where the check in counter located, a café for those waiting for departure, ticket counter, some free duty shops, some boutique and some chocolate shop.



The café (A cup of drink costs you RM 2.00 – you should just buy a canned drink to be honest)



The check-in counters (Note that I couldn’t take clear image of the airline’s logo – it turn out as white light instead)



Chocolate shop. Yummy!


Waiting (too bad I couldn’t set the right White Balance for this image)

And the Level 3 is the departure hall. I didn’t go there to shot picture. Next time lah! Too tired bah.



That’s all from the Labuan Airport – for now; since there are still more shop lot still under renovation or the tenant yet to start their operation there.

Anyway, I took some pictures of the structure. What was in my mind when I took this?



The similar roof shape you can find at Labuan Ferry Terminal and Labuan Sea Sport Complex. Anyway, the extension and renovation of this airport costs at RM 365 million.



Purposely took this at low EV. I don’t like that flat noisy bright with neutral EV.



The shadow

After spending like 20 minutes there, we went for a drink. Not that kind of drink, just a Teh Tarik session at Kerupang. And what did I capture with my Yellow Filter?










Pairs January 25, 2008

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They said good things come in pair, right?







Treasure Up the Attic! January 24, 2008

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Look what I’ve found in the attic!


Those are the toys I collected during my school years. The Hydra Gundam and Gundam X-Divider Mobile Suit : GX-9900-DV were the only Gundam I own. Both are High Grade models; less complicated but need more patient. I managed to put them together sometimes ago, but when I thought to give an airbrush effect would make it look interesting and real, I take it off part by part and I became too lazy to do it.



It’s still in its original paint … and it became dustier after I left it abandoned for 7 years with his beheaded cousin, Hydra Gundam in the box up the attic.



These are the original miniature of some great cars ever built in history (for those who value the engineering and history of these cars) and some are just the miniatures of vehicles that we always see on the road; tanker, tow truck, tractor, etc. My mom bought all these for me, and she got it for 50 cents each. It was a great bargain, from some whom ceased business for good and trying to make money from his stuff.



Esso tanker – oh my, the dust…


Above, Left to Right : FIAT XI/9, GP Beach Buggy, FIAT XI/9

Bottom, Left to Right : WIGWAM Van Camper, Ford Escort, Marcos XP


Marcos XP

I’ll clean up these stuff, and perhaps I can make them good to be a photography subject in my blog. But with the Hydra Gundam anx X Divider, it will take longer that it is.

Wish me luck!







Black & White Outing January 22, 2008

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This time of the year, I always have the interest to go out and have fun taking photos. Though for some local people, it’s kinda awkward to see someone with bulky camera hanging on his neck (sometimes shoulder) walking around, I couldn’t care less but keep taking photos anyway. It doesn’t harm anyone in any way.

So for this time, I decided to take Black & White photos, and use the 58mm yellow filter to bring out more contrast to the images. The destinations: my small office at home and Pancur Hitam beach, Labuan. Enjoy!


Tool of the trade



Ancient antenna (view from my window)

Then, to the Pancur Hitam beach, about 5 minutes drive from where I live.


I didn’t use tripod, so that best explain the horrible horizontal line. The fisherman looked at me several times before he relaxed and surrendered himself to this poor beginner photographer.




Doesn’t look like commercial airline to me



Two separate entities. I tried adjusting the aperture so I can get the father-sons picture more focused, but it turns out the couple at the back won the aperture test. But I guess it does tell you a story. “When you’re children, go out with daddy. When you’re youth, go out with your boyfriend/girlfriend”. *wink*



I realized Black & White is not my forte, but I am not too selective in what kind of photos I’m interested in. I’m still learning, and there’s still a long way to go. However, at this stage, I am satisfied with the outcome. And every time before I press the shutter, I will remember a saying (Flanegan told me the same thing at HobbyCon 2007), “Let a picture tell a story”.

Anyway, these are some shots in Sepia mode.


Rather than torturing the zoom lens, I prefer to focus on the tree than the peoples at the back.


That’s all for now, friends. Thanks for visiting my blog and one last thing.Would you mind telling me which one you like, and which one you think is not good? I need your feedback so I can fix the problem and sharpen my skill. Thanks!



Less Controversial Sunday January 21, 2008

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Pardon me for the title. It’s just a book title I read just now.

To be honest, I don’t even understand what the book author trying to tell me. Novel picisan maybe. I guess just put it on the floor lah till I want to read it another day – if I want to, I guess.

Nothing much today. It’s Sunday, and everyone just stay at home with family. I really hate it when it is Sunday. Knowing that I have no permanent job now, It sucks to know you will have nothing to do on Monday.

We went to Pohon Batu to have a drink. As usual, this H5 will always slinging on my shoulder. I don’t know. I always bring my camera everywhere. I want to live with it, and I want to liven it. Whatever..



Had an Air Batu Campur (or was it Ais Batu Campur?), or normally called ABC at the food court (err… food court?) at Pohon Batu. I realized there were a lot of peoples there. I thought the only crowded place on Sunday is the Pancur Hitam; about 5 minutes drive from Pohon Batu. Anyway, more chicks at Pancur Hitam than this place, but who cares anyway.



Recently I sent an email to Albert Ng, the Sony Alpha user (with alpha knowledge in camera technical aspect – Salute man!) living in KL. I asked him normal questions people would ask before they convert to digital SLR. What type is better, how much does it cost, bla bla bla, etc. I know it’s such a cliché to ask such question, because nowadays you can acquire the price and specs from just surfing the Net. He captured amazing photos of events he attended, and yes, he went to music events/gigs as well, taking photos and enjoying music at the same time. I hope Labuan will have the same music scene someday.

Anyway, Albert did reply my email, and boy I am so happy with his answers! It’s like he put all his efforts in answering my simple set of questions. He really opened (and changed a bit) my vision and determination to step to the next level in photography.

So, this is Albert and some of his photos taken with the Alpha 700.


Right : Albert, the owner of

So now I know how much I should keep for getting the dSLR. Don’t ask me what brand and model. You’ll see it when you see it. *wink*