Happy New Year to Labuan people. January 1, 2008

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Hi all.

I just got back from Labuan Square, to witness the New Year celebration. But I didn’t spend my time there, even for 30 minutes. I guess there were some matters that bothered me, as a civilian and as someone that always think differently.

It’s something normal for every end of year we have fun in such event. With all the entertainment programs arranged by the related authorities, there are rooms for everyone to enjoy themselves tonight. This is the time we go out and spend times with family and friends, and mingle with the society; though our Malaysian society now consists of the addition from foreign countries, adding value to the culture we preserved for ages.

However, I always have this thought of how cliché the celebration is. Like last year, or any other year, we always provided by singing performance from Malaysian singers. It’s something that will always be expected by all of us. Though the singer invited to Labuan were mostly a seasoned singer, or unpopular, we always enjoy whatever provided by the organizer. Did I say we? Anyway, apart from that, local band and singers were given a chance to perform tonight, or this evening. It’s a fair outcome to balance talent performance in such event.

How I wish those outdated singers or celebrity could be replaced with something similar to Drum Beat Festival that held recently in Kuala Lumpur, or the International Music Festival held at Kota Kinabalu sometimes ago? Though the segments allocated are short, we don’t have to squeeze in participation to perform the same thing. Perhaps that is a bad idea for such event; maybe Labuan Tourism and corporate companies should take some time to plan such artsy performance to feast the crave for new kind of entertainment, to bring in more visitors as it is unique and to give more opportunity to Labuan people to learn there’s more out there than what we’ve been provided for years. I guess I just need an alternative entertainment for me and other Labuan peoples in our calendar.

One more thing.

The way they setup the VIP tent and the sea of flowers in front of the stage are something that is arrogant and meaningless. By taking a quarter of the Labuan Square space just for the sake of the VIPs and flowers, civilians are forced to sit behind them or on the road to watch such performance. It’s unfair, arrogant and stupid. Don’t they think election is coming, and with all the hoo-haa surrounding the credibility of the MP would tarnish the image of whoever it is and effect the trust and stand on election?

Some people just need to use their brain to balance their thoughts on themselves and other peoples.

Anyway, I need to get my formal clothing ready because I need to be prepared for a series of job interview this month. That means I have to dig out the clothes, slack pants, cufflinks, neck tie and the proper belt.
Happy New Year 2008 everyone.

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2 Responses to “Happy New Year to Labuan people.”

  1. Shemah Says:

    Hmm… Very well said. I too agree that the form of entertainment should vary.. Every year should be different. Kalau tidak pun, at least have variety in one show.

    Also about the VIP sitting area, I hope they change that soon. Seeing the balding heads of old men are getting pretty old. 😀

    Anyways, Happy New Year! May this year be even better than the last.. 😀


  2. SR215 Says:


    I need 1,000 or more people like you to gain their attention. Those are ignorance, and supremacy about their position in the government.

    Anyway, Happy New Year to you too. 🙂

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