Being fun for self entertainment January 16, 2008

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It’s another boring day. I haven’t secured any 9 – 5 job yet, though I’ve sent numerous amount of resume & letters to several companies in Labuan. Job market in Labuan is always small, though there are many industries and businesses going on this island, I still feel being unemployed is normal – knowing that it is normal in Labuan.


Today is different. I never going out during working days for taking photos. But after seeing the clear blue sky from the window, I grabbed the camera (the UV & yellow filter still attach to it) and drive straight to town. Don’t ask me “why town?”.

I don’t know.

Here’s another shot taken outside the back alley of the house.



missing.jpgWho’s coming?

I parked next to the Labuan Square, thinking it would be interesting to take photos there (I’ve been trying to take sometimes to go to the harbor area, but maybe some other time lah!).


The Labuan Hotel (unoccupied and left unattended for many years) at the left, and Labuan Corporation at the right.



Ultra zoom. Can I say there’s a Depth-Of-Field existence there?


Silhouette – my all time favorite

ET Phone Home

ET Phone Home!

10 minutes passed – It’s time to explore another part of Labuan. Next destination – Taman Damai, Layang – Layangan beach, about 10 minutes drive from town, if there’s no traffic jam lah..


Going out of town.

Since Taman Damai best known for its plenty of satay and chicken wing hawker, I chose to stay and spend some money on it. The last time I went to Taman Damai was the end of last year. It’s never change, but I noticed Philip and his horses were not around.

customers Taman Damai Labuan



Happy Meal


Here’s sunset for you!


Time to go home!


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