Welcome to my new blog January 16, 2008

Filed under: Labuan,Photography — saifulrizan @ 1:56 am

By the sea

Hi again.

Thanks for being loyal to this blog. I am very sorry for the inconveniences you have experienced from the old blog, namely decided to lock it for the reason that it is a spam blog, though it’s not. Before this, I always thought of getting my own domain. I never thought such even could lead to this desperation and this is such a big leap to this blog, before it’s 3rd anniversary (this coming March 2008). And this time, the blog title changed to ThroughTheLens. I kinda like it, that’s all.

I hope I’ll find a way to import posts from my previous blog to this new one, so I wouldn’t lost track of what I’ve been through that I’ve shared in my blog.

I hope you like this blog. I personally love the layout, the color and of course, bigger space for bigger picture! Yeeha!

So here we go 2008!


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