Sunday Outing January 17, 2008

Filed under: Labuan,Photography,Photos — saifulrizan @ 4:05 am

It’s another Sunday to waste, and it’s another day for practice. I got my tools of trade with me, but this time it will be twisted with the 58mm yellow filter. Initially, it was a plan to take silhouette image of the Labuan Sea Sport Complex at sunset – or perhaps more than that.

But I guess to wait is a waste. I got the filter so I decided to give it a go.


The other end washed off to the shore.


It’s family day.






Heart to heart by the beach


He intentionally cycle back and forth to admire my humble setup, so I give one go for him.


Though there are no artistic values of this image, but I like how the contrast finally showed up (after using the yellow filter many times before).


Sepia mode + teleconversion + yellow filter


It’s almost sunset – a bit dark resulted from the low EV.


Even though the sunset was not like what I wanted (or the image appeared not like what I think of), I guess it’s another day of learning.

I will give another try next time.


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