DIY Diffuser January 19, 2008

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Realizing that I don’t have much work to do; considering that I’m still waiting for the account file to be returned to the office as soon as possible to complete the paperwork and to conclude 2007 performance, I guess there’s something new I should try.


Thanks to Shaolin Tiger, I managed to fill in my boring afternoon with something to do. It’s what he did sometimes ago, and I Want to try it myself.


Stuff needed – an empty plastic bottle (I use 100plus bottle for this one), aluminum foil and tissue.

Tools needed – scissor, tape, glue and knife.

Extra – A cup of coffee and biscuits.

DIY DIffuser - Happy Froggy

Cut both end of the bottle. Make sure it would fit your flash. In my case, the Sony DSC H5 flash permanently attached to the body, so I have to compromise with the small size of the flash (with bright flat white flash).


Apply the glue to the inside of the bottle so the aluminum foil would stick. Actually you don’t need to glue the entire inside, because the sharp edge might cut your skin.


Once you finish applying the glue to the inside surface, put in the aluminum foil, and apply the foil evenly to the surface. Though it’s not important, but tidy job is a must.



This is how it looks like.




Finally, wrap the tissue at the other end (the big end one). Done!


However, I was kind of hesitated about the outcome of this diffuser. Look, I’m using an enthusiast camera, and the flash permanently attached to the camera (in my opinion). How would I point the flash + diffuser to any direction that I want? I guess to think alone would not give credit to my effort, so I decided to use the Happy Family in my experiment. So, here you go.


The TV’s too bright!




Can I jump from here ma?


Home Sweet Home








2 Responses to “DIY Diffuser”

  1. Shemah Says:

    Hey, you!

    Sorry to hear that your blogspot got “blocked”. Can’t you appeal to them or something.. How about ur assignments? Still can do kah in wordpress..

    Anyways, macam mana pun.. glad to know that u’ve still got a blog for me to “stalk” and admire your lovely pics! Keep it up!!

    p/s: Gimme lah the froggies!! I LOVES!! hahaha..

  2. saifulrizan Says:

    Hi Shemah!

    thanks for your compliment, and thanks for visiting my new blog. I’ve tried to contact Blogger admin, but they never replied. So I guess it’s time to migrate lah.

    Come more often will you? Because I need peoples like you to keep this blog alive!

    P/S : The froggies belongs to my mum. Hahahha

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