Less Controversial Sunday January 21, 2008

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Pardon me for the title. It’s just a book title I read just now.

To be honest, I don’t even understand what the book author trying to tell me. Novel picisan maybe. I guess just put it on the floor lah till I want to read it another day – if I want to, I guess.

Nothing much today. It’s Sunday, and everyone just stay at home with family. I really hate it when it is Sunday. Knowing that I have no permanent job now, It sucks to know you will have nothing to do on Monday.

We went to Pohon Batu to have a drink. As usual, this H5 will always slinging on my shoulder. I don’t know. I always bring my camera everywhere. I want to live with it, and I want to liven it. Whatever..



Had an Air Batu Campur (or was it Ais Batu Campur?), or normally called ABC at the food court (err… food court?) at Pohon Batu. I realized there were a lot of peoples there. I thought the only crowded place on Sunday is the Pancur Hitam; about 5 minutes drive from Pohon Batu. Anyway, more chicks at Pancur Hitam than this place, but who cares anyway.



Recently I sent an email to Albert Ng, the Sony Alpha user (with alpha knowledge in camera technical aspect – Salute man!) living in KL. I asked him normal questions people would ask before they convert to digital SLR. What type is better, how much does it cost, bla bla bla, etc. I know it’s such a cliché to ask such question, because nowadays you can acquire the price and specs from just surfing the Net. He captured amazing photos of events he attended, and yes, he went to music events/gigs as well, taking photos and enjoying music at the same time. I hope Labuan will have the same music scene someday.

Anyway, Albert did reply my email, and boy I am so happy with his answers! It’s like he put all his efforts in answering my simple set of questions. He really opened (and changed a bit) my vision and determination to step to the next level in photography.

So, this is Albert and some of his photos taken with the Alpha 700.


Right : Albert, the owner of

So now I know how much I should keep for getting the dSLR. Don’t ask me what brand and model. You’ll see it when you see it. *wink*



2 Responses to “Less Controversial Sunday”

  1. Ratu Syura Says:

    That ABC looks so good!! My dream to get a DSLR tergendala for now.. I used up my savings cuz I saw so many clothes I just couldn’t resist to buy!! 😛

  2. saifulrizan Says:

    hi Syura!
    It does look good, but lambat cair lah. 🙂

    well, it’s never too late to start saving money again. Maybe by the time you manage to collect the money to buy your desired camera, the price might be cheaper than now.

    good luck!

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