Black & White Outing January 22, 2008

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This time of the year, I always have the interest to go out and have fun taking photos. Though for some local people, it’s kinda awkward to see someone with bulky camera hanging on his neck (sometimes shoulder) walking around, I couldn’t care less but keep taking photos anyway. It doesn’t harm anyone in any way.

So for this time, I decided to take Black & White photos, and use the 58mm yellow filter to bring out more contrast to the images. The destinations: my small office at home and Pancur Hitam beach, Labuan. Enjoy!


Tool of the trade



Ancient antenna (view from my window)

Then, to the Pancur Hitam beach, about 5 minutes drive from where I live.


I didn’t use tripod, so that best explain the horrible horizontal line. The fisherman looked at me several times before he relaxed and surrendered himself to this poor beginner photographer.




Doesn’t look like commercial airline to me



Two separate entities. I tried adjusting the aperture so I can get the father-sons picture more focused, but it turns out the couple at the back won the aperture test. But I guess it does tell you a story. “When you’re children, go out with daddy. When you’re youth, go out with your boyfriend/girlfriend”. *wink*



I realized Black & White is not my forte, but I am not too selective in what kind of photos I’m interested in. I’m still learning, and there’s still a long way to go. However, at this stage, I am satisfied with the outcome. And every time before I press the shutter, I will remember a saying (Flanegan told me the same thing at HobbyCon 2007), “Let a picture tell a story”.

Anyway, these are some shots in Sepia mode.


Rather than torturing the zoom lens, I prefer to focus on the tree than the peoples at the back.


That’s all for now, friends. Thanks for visiting my blog and one last thing.Would you mind telling me which one you like, and which one you think is not good? I need your feedback so I can fix the problem and sharpen my skill. Thanks!



2 Responses to “Black & White Outing”

  1. cindy Says:

    Hey Saiful! I’ve been off the Net for only a month and I’ve missed a lot! You shifted from Blogger to WordPress odi?? And oh.. have you got my email? Sorry ar.. lambat sikit reply bah. Baru last 2 days got my Internet back. LOL

    Love the photos! It’s not easy getting that “umph” look on a black and white photos, but you managed to do it beautifully!!

  2. saifulrizan Says:

    hey CIndy!

    Thanks for dropping by. Yea, shifted to wordpress ed. Blogger never entertained my emailsssssss, so change to WordPress for now, and go for later.

    Thanks for the compliments. Though Im still learning, it’s good to know some people enjoy my work.


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