Treasure Up the Attic! January 24, 2008

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Look what I’ve found in the attic!


Those are the toys I collected during my school years. The Hydra Gundam and Gundam X-Divider Mobile Suit : GX-9900-DV were the only Gundam I own. Both are High Grade models; less complicated but need more patient. I managed to put them together sometimes ago, but when I thought to give an airbrush effect would make it look interesting and real, I take it off part by part and I became too lazy to do it.



It’s still in its original paint … and it became dustier after I left it abandoned for 7 years with his beheaded cousin, Hydra Gundam in the box up the attic.



These are the original miniature of some great cars ever built in history (for those who value the engineering and history of these cars) and some are just the miniatures of vehicles that we always see on the road; tanker, tow truck, tractor, etc. My mom bought all these for me, and she got it for 50 cents each. It was a great bargain, from some whom ceased business for good and trying to make money from his stuff.



Esso tanker – oh my, the dust…


Above, Left to Right : FIAT XI/9, GP Beach Buggy, FIAT XI/9

Bottom, Left to Right : WIGWAM Van Camper, Ford Escort, Marcos XP


Marcos XP

I’ll clean up these stuff, and perhaps I can make them good to be a photography subject in my blog. But with the Hydra Gundam anx X Divider, it will take longer that it is.

Wish me luck!







One Response to “Treasure Up the Attic!”

  1. wow…..interesting….how many mini car collection from yours??

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