Labuan Airport January 27, 2008

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A forum member asked if I can take photos of the newly renovated Labuan Airport (which was completed last October when I was still in Australia). I decided to go at night, believing the neon looks more interesting even if I have to think about noisy, low ambient lights and the capabilities of this camera alone that a bit lagging in taking pictures in such situation.

More, I did not bring my tripod, thus I have to take plenty of pictures of the same shot/image so I can pick the best of it.



So let’s start with Level 1, where they located the Arrival halls for International and Domestic flights. As far as I’ve concerned, there were never a time when these two arrival halls ever full or crowded. I hope the extension of the strip/runway will accommodate more planes (I heard it was designed to allow AirBus to land on it) and expansion of flight route.


The International Arrival Hall


Domestic arrival hall




The walkway


Now, let’s move to Level 2. This is where the check in counter located, a café for those waiting for departure, ticket counter, some free duty shops, some boutique and some chocolate shop.



The café (A cup of drink costs you RM 2.00 – you should just buy a canned drink to be honest)



The check-in counters (Note that I couldn’t take clear image of the airline’s logo – it turn out as white light instead)



Chocolate shop. Yummy!


Waiting (too bad I couldn’t set the right White Balance for this image)

And the Level 3 is the departure hall. I didn’t go there to shot picture. Next time lah! Too tired bah.



That’s all from the Labuan Airport – for now; since there are still more shop lot still under renovation or the tenant yet to start their operation there.

Anyway, I took some pictures of the structure. What was in my mind when I took this?



The similar roof shape you can find at Labuan Ferry Terminal and Labuan Sea Sport Complex. Anyway, the extension and renovation of this airport costs at RM 365 million.



Purposely took this at low EV. I don’t like that flat noisy bright with neutral EV.



The shadow

After spending like 20 minutes there, we went for a drink. Not that kind of drink, just a Teh Tarik session at Kerupang. And what did I capture with my Yellow Filter?










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  1. Apple Says:

    Labuan oh~ Labuan

    Hai, im a big fans of chocolates in Labuan!! amazing when i saw all this pictures.. i went to labuan by ferry but i never went to labuan by aeroplane… oh my god, gorgeous!! i wish i have my own shop like that!!

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