Labuan Skateboarders January 31, 2008

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I used to be a skateboarders back then, but quit when I got back in Labuan after spending my youth ages in Johor Bahru. Back then, there were not many skateboarders around. So I decided to quit.

I sat down at the skate park today (located next to Grand Dorsett hotel) after seeing a couple of skateboarders warming up.

I didn’t approach them, but rather sit on the bench and start snapping.








This is my first attempt on taking extreme sport action using this DSC H5 (previously I used BenQ DC C510 for the Warisan Square demo – it sucks!). I should sit somewhere to get the best composition.







4 Responses to “Labuan Skateboarders”

  1. cindy Says:

    Wow.. Saiful.. can you imagine that if you DID pursue with the skating back then, perhaps you’d be as famous siapa tu? Tony Hawk? sudah by now..


  2. saifulrizan Says:


    no way lah CIndy. I can’t even land a simple trick. But nothing is impossible right?


  3. Charles Says:

    Heyy.. they are all my old skate mate lah!! heheh.. just go say “HI” the don’t bite you know.. hehhe.. anyway if you really want to shoot really “STREET SKATING” you can just ask “Rafiq” (the one wearing “ARMY” grey shirt. He can make wonders on his board you know… mmm.

    Anyway.. if i got chance to drop down Labuan, i’ll bring you to some interesting spot where all the skaters love to skate!!.. Secret!!! don’t let the cops know k.. hehhehe and yeahh Skate Night!! ok.. hehehe

    Rafiq: in grey “ARMY” shirt
    Matt: in brown shirt with cap. (i started skating with him.. he’s cool man!!)

    Really great to see some Old Labuan skater still skating.. heheh and Great Job Mate!!

  4. saifulrizan Says:

    Hi Charles!

    Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, some of them (not those you mentioned) asked me to take their pictures while doing the tricks.

    I really hope I can take a good pictures of people on skateboard. Back in the days, Trasher and Slap are my reference (for skate of course).

    Maybe someday I will approach them and get their best pictures while performing the tricks!


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