Tired lah! March 10, 2008

Filed under: Personal Opinion — saifulrizan @ 3:07 am

I’m tired of looking for a job. Having a good “resume” of attending dozens of job interviews, writing to over 50 companies asking for job vacancy, spent money on passport size photos, printing and envelope.

Over the years, I’ve been rejected many times – perhaps the company couldn’t see if I can fit into their business line. One Trust Company in Labuan rejected my job application 3 times already – all in just 2 years consecutively. The SPA form was never fruitful, after 4 times already. Man, it’s really hard to get a job!

Not that I’m complaining. It’s really true that every person have to be disappointed at least once in our life. That’s what makes peoples stronger. I’m not saying that after dozens of rejections, I would be strong enough to be on my own. While some people would say it’s all about convincing the potential employer either in your CV or during the job interview.

I’m going to be 25 this year. Some people told me I look like I am 18 years old. That would make me float like bee, but gravity sets in and slaps me with that big header “get a life”. I’m 25 and still don’t have a permanent job.

I just finished one interview at one financial authority institution in Labuan. A couple days before, I went to the second stage of interview with one foreign bank in Labuan. I was on my full mood at that time. The first one went very well, with me being hyper active, though I thought I made the interviewer felt uncomfortable which at some point, he say, ‘You’re dominant. Are you the kind of autocratic or make decision from teamwork?” Of course I confirm the latter one.

I’m still waiting for confirmation, though I’m not hoping so much that I will get the job. Perhaps being used to rejection makes me immunes to rejection. Duh!

When it’s time to be my own boss, I will step up the plate and perform my very best!


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