March 11, 2008

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Another day for jobless people like me.

At this point of time, I determined that I should put my act together and execute the business plan as soon as possible. I don’t care if I have to start with a small office. The business rule in Labuan required you to operate business in business premises despite the advantages of SOHO (Small Office Home Office). Some organization need to understand doing business is costly in Labuan.


Tension eh!


One week passed since the last interview. I think I don’t stand a chance to get the job, since the offshore bank confirmed that they will inform me the result of the interview last week. Whatever la.


I’ve read all the books and magazines that I have in my possession. What else I can read?

Good news is, the PayPal fund has been accumulated to the point that I can buy new camera and the accessories. Another assignment to go, then I will rent an office and start registering process.

One big pat for me!


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