Photo Outing March 12, 2008

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 I went to many places today. Snap snap snap, there you go. This faithful H5 must be tired to be my third eye today.

 I tried to follow the designated route so I can save petrol, time and energy. Today I went to Hotel Tiara Labuan.


Then drive to Labuan International Sea Sport Complex to take photo at the new Labuan International Lawn Ball Arena and some part of the Labuan International Sea Sport Complex.




Afterwards, went to Waterfront Hotel. This is the moment that I realize I need a wide angle lens. Uh, wide teleconversion lens. I’m still using ProSumer camera lah.


 Then go to Labuan Museum. From there, I took about 10 minutes to take photos of certain parts at Labuan Square. At that moment, the sky is getting dark. Though it would be a good diffuser to flash, I came to realization that this H5 will never capable of doing that. So I just get back to the museum and take pictures.


“Dey, why you marry my girlfriend? Not fair man!”

Hey. I just went to five places only? I thought I already set 11 places to go?





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