Double my life March 15, 2008

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The phone is ringing.

It’s so loud reality pulled me from my sweet dreams. Before I can remember what the dream was about, I looked at the phone, trying to figure who’s on the other line.

Oh, it’s the foreign bank number. A quick thought rushed the memory of the interview I had with the Japanese guy last time.

“Hello”, I said, trying to sound conscious without mumbling.

The person on the other line told me that I have to come and pick up the offer letter. Without hesitance, I agreed and confirmed the time I will show up at their office tomorrow. For a moment, I put myself together remembering what the conversation was about.

Oh, I’m hired now. Before I cheer up for myself, I remember the business plan. The business registration, the marketing plan, the future plan and all the money I’ve collected to start the business.

What should I do now? It keeps playing in my head, but it’s no longer sweet and happiness. I remember someone said they managed to channel their positive attitude and his personal enthusiasm to her business. I want to be like her too, enjoying life by doing what I like every day.

I decided I’ll take the job and run the business as a freelance. I will try my best to give my 100% commitment to those two; my responsible towards the company, and my responsibility towards my personal hobby. This will be another multitasking life to lead, after the exhaustive one with the previous job.


Oh, I remember now. I dreamt a horse.


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