Daus & Eera March 19, 2008

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Daus called me and asked if I can take a photo for his engagement day. I said yes, why not. Besides, someone canceled their interest to appoint me as a photographer during their wedding ceremony.

Things started pretty well. I met the fiancee, Eera, and she assisted me very well in my effort to understand about htis and that so I can set the timing and spot of where I should be to take photos. One thing that a bit hard is the dim lighting. The ceremony started around 4.30 pm, thus giving less chance to survive the dim lighting. The pop-up flash manage to solve the problem, while I have to adjust the flash level from positive to negative all the time. All in all, I am satisfied, and the host are very friendly – something that I need when I’m taking pictures.

Congratulations to Daus & Eera. Hope this will lead to something better.








3 Responses to “Daus & Eera”

  1. cindy Says:

    Beautiful!!!!! Your photos are starting to look like a pro! 😀 (maybe you ARE a pro!!)

  2. saifulrizan Says:

    Thanks Cindy. Not a Pro yet. Still learning.

    I need to get a dSLR immediately!

  3. Job well done. All the best to you and your career in photography 🙂

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