Going Home March 20, 2008

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It’s holiday season again, and people’s going back to their hometown. These are the set of pictures taken when people boarding the vehicle ferry going to Menumbok, Sabah at 7 a.m.

With passenger ticket cost at RM 5 per person, two and half an hour of traveling; this is the best choice for those who want to save money.







7 Responses to “Going Home”

  1. Ratu Syura Says:

    I tagged you!! Hehe.. I’m just naughty like that! 😛

    Ohhhh.. like that pula rupa the ferry.. Now I knoww… Maybe should try it out one of these days to visit Rafiq at Labuan.. Hmmm…..

  2. dogoes Says:

    Halooo dude, thanks for the wish orait…. hehehehe

  3. Abas Says:

    Hi, Saiful

    How are you?

    Woo..Ferry Ride, sure have some good views. MYR 5 per person only; better charge extra MYR1 per person to buy the ferry a new coat of paint. *chuckle* 😀


  4. cindy Says:

    Wow, they actually let people to stand on the balcony for the view during the trip? Nice!!! 😀

    RM5 is pretty cheap, no wonder they can’t paint the ferry. 😛

  5. saifulrizan Says:

    Ratu Syura : I’ll post a reply to your tag soon. 🙂 Yeah, come and visit Rafik in Labuan. Maybe we can meet up and Rafik will have a new friend here. 🙂

    Dogoes : No problem bro. 🙂

    Abas : Hi Abas, I’m fine. TQ. Yeah, it’s cheap – perhaps that’s the reason they can’t paint the ferry at all. By the way, it is a used ferry from japan.

    Cindy : That’s how they kill the time waiting all the cars to board the ferry. Besides, the balcony is big, you can play futsal there. hahhahaha

  6. BudakHutaN Says:

    wah…cun la geng… lama sudah sia tia pi Labuan… sekali jak sia naik tu ferry dulu… huhuhu

  7. saifulrizan Says:

    bah budak hutan, datang lagi la ke Labuan. heheheh

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