Black & White – Random March 24, 2008

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10 Responses to “Black & White – Random”

  1. Abas Says:

    Hi, Saiful

    How’s things?

    I like the first picture but I wished there were some birds on it. The last one seems interesting too. 😀 Black & White I use to project a mood among other things.


  2. saifulrizan Says:

    Hi Abas.

    The first picture was taken at Brisbane, australia. I guess that was the only time I couldn’t find any birds to take picture of. 🙂

  3. cindy Says:

    I was expecting to see birds on the wire too! hee..

    The last pic, is that the Labuan memorial place? Or graveyards? OMG, I LOVE graveyards! They’re like the most peaceful place to be (pun intended). But seriously, I”m always excited whenever I’m at the graveyard. It makes me wonder how the person inside died, why they died, what happened to their family.. stuff like that.

    OK. I better stop.

  4. saifulrizan Says:

    yes Cin, that’s the War Memorial Park. I took the pictures at early morning, when the workers doing their cleaning routine.

    I know how you feels Cindy. It’s like trying to explore the other side of the world with merely an imagination and thoughts.

    Ok, let’s stop there. hahahhahaha

  5. Acom Says:

    Oh I loved that last picture!!

  6. saifulrizan Says:

    Glad you like it Acom! 🙂

  7. nice work SF! keep it up.

  8. Albert Ng Says:

    Dude, the white parts are really something, especially in #2. #3 looks like something really artsy. I particularly like how only the stones in #4 are pure and white!

  9. friscod Says:

    hi saifulrizan,

    this is my first time entering your blog…

    cool pictures, looking forward to see more of your works…

  10. saifulrizan Says:

    benny : thanks 🙂

    Albert : thanks. I purposely set the aperture to large – a bit, but set the shutter speed to somewhere around 1/500 to 1/600 so I can get a contrast. But I guess it’s a bit over exposed on the second photo – though I focus on the first coconut tree.

    the 3rd picture – it was taken around 5pm – near to sunset. So the sky a bit blue that time.

    the 4th picture – thanks to the cleaner. They did a great job.

    friscod – thanks for coming. I will try my best to get a good shot for you. 🙂

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