Blue sky, cheeky smile. March 30, 2008

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This is the best picture ever. Can’t resist staring at this photo. The blue sky, the rock, the subject, the Holga. This is my personal favorite for this year.


Some people hate me for my past mistake. Some people just being a bitch trying to hate me like their friend did. Some are just ignorance to care much about my past mistakes – simply because of the confidence in second chance.

Are you willing to give your ex a second chance?

Another shot taken this morning. Do you like it?



15 Responses to “Blue sky, cheeky smile.”

  1. abas Says:

    Hi, saiful

    how are you?

    Whoa..gelap jugak the blue sky. Did you photoshop it? The sky looks like its going to rain. The rock formation is interesting.


  2. impedius Says:

    First time visiting your blog. Great photos bro!

  3. saifulrizan Says:

    Abas : I dont know how to photoshop. I dont have the software, but maybe I will consider to get it sometimes soon. Actually it’s not going to rain. It was a clear blue sky, but the small aperture caused the blue sky look more saturated.

    The rock formation used to be 10 metres high.

    Impedius : Thanks for droppng by. I like your movie review too. 🙂

  4. ais putih Says:

    smart smart…..

  5. saifulrizan Says:

    thank you thank you! 😀

  6. abas Says:

    hi, saiful

    how are you?

    Thanks for the compliment! 😀 I’m glad you like my movie reviews! Do stop by my blogs!


  7. saifulrizan Says:

    eh.. abas and impedius is the same person kah?

  8. ethel Says:

    Aww.. I want a good camera too!! Uwaaaaaaaa..

  9. saifulrizan Says:

    I thought your bf already promised you a dSLR, right? heheheh

  10. ethel Says:

    Yeah, he did. But I want it now! :mrgreen:

  11. Abas Says:

    Hi, Saiful

    How you doing?

    No, I am not the same person as impedius. I do not know the person yet either.


  12. Abas Says:

    Why would you think that I am impedius? confused gue..

  13. mai Says:



    lawa eh gambar atu ko pki CPL filter kah atau pki PS?
    lg corak2 batu di pantai atu..ani mmg peberet jua ni.

    aaah nanti mun ko ada dslr aku rekomenkan ko beli Sigma 10-20mm lens atau jenis super wide, di tambah pki Polarizer filter lawa tu….

  14. saifulrizan Says:

    Abas – look at the comment where I replied to the first 3 comments.

    Mai – aku pakai UV filter ja (memang dari dulu lagi, mau cover lens bah). Aku teda CPL filter atau guna PhotoShop atau apa2 picture editing software – just straight from the camera. Nasib ku baik la time ku ambil ni.

    Tu pantai depan Tiara Hotel.

    Anyway, cadangan kau tu akan ku ingat. L)

  15. mai Says:


    mun dekat2 time sunset mmg lawa la psl kalo mo ambil landscapes tunggu sun atu dekat2 mo dawn baru nampak detail cahaya ‘gold’ sunset arah batu (beach, mountains etc apa jua subjek landscapes). begitu jua sunrise..

    camera Holga kah ko pki nih yg dpt buat Lomography atu? mun pki Fuji velvia 50 ka 100 lawa tu nampak dramatic..

    p/s lawa jua gf mu tu mcm omputih…:D

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