beautiful Labuan beach March 17, 2008

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I’ll be reporting for duty this 1st April (If i pass the medical check up). I wonder if I can have a chance to go out and shoot pictures anymore. I guess I will take the job for now – so I can buy the camera equipment that I want.

So this afternoon, I went to the top part of this island. While driving for about 60km/h (no rush. this is an island!), I saw this from the main road. Without hesitance, I stopped and walked for 5 metres before I reach this spot.


I posted this in few photography topics in certain forums, and most of the forummer like it. I’m glad they like it. That’s a motivational boost.


5 minutes later, I heard someone coming. I can hear the loud motorcycle exhaust sound. He went there to check if I’m doing something. I looked at him and raised the camera. He doesn’t seem to get it. I said, “assignment!”.

Then he leave.

I wont spend more time there. So I leave just to drive for another 10 minutes when I decided to stop at the Pancur Hitam beach. This time, I will make use of the Manual mode to the fullest.


I’ve been thinking about my previous shots at Pancur Hitam beach before. I don’t like repetition so I tried shooting from different angles. I think it works this time.


The idea is to capture the blue-ish reflection while give some flash lit to the subject. But I can’t make it, though I’ve visualized it in my mine. Never mind then.


Good thing about living on this island is the mobility to go to anywhere on your motorbike. Less hassle, less work out, less healthy people. Woops! It slipped out of my mouth.


I want to get a shot of the horizontal lines in between the rock, while not compensating the different tone of blue colors there. Somehow, I the detergent bottle was in the frame – without me realizing it. When will people stop dumping shit to the ocean?




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Happy Ocean 2 March 16, 2008

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Double my life March 15, 2008

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The phone is ringing.

It’s so loud reality pulled me from my sweet dreams. Before I can remember what the dream was about, I looked at the phone, trying to figure who’s on the other line.

Oh, it’s the foreign bank number. A quick thought rushed the memory of the interview I had with the Japanese guy last time.

“Hello”, I said, trying to sound conscious without mumbling.

The person on the other line told me that I have to come and pick up the offer letter. Without hesitance, I agreed and confirmed the time I will show up at their office tomorrow. For a moment, I put myself together remembering what the conversation was about.

Oh, I’m hired now. Before I cheer up for myself, I remember the business plan. The business registration, the marketing plan, the future plan and all the money I’ve collected to start the business.

What should I do now? It keeps playing in my head, but it’s no longer sweet and happiness. I remember someone said they managed to channel their positive attitude and his personal enthusiasm to her business. I want to be like her too, enjoying life by doing what I like every day.

I decided I’ll take the job and run the business as a freelance. I will try my best to give my 100% commitment to those two; my responsible towards the company, and my responsibility towards my personal hobby. This will be another multitasking life to lead, after the exhaustive one with the previous job.


Oh, I remember now. I dreamt a horse.


Happy Ocean March 14, 2008

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Photo Outing March 12, 2008

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 I went to many places today. Snap snap snap, there you go. This faithful H5 must be tired to be my third eye today.

 I tried to follow the designated route so I can save petrol, time and energy. Today I went to Hotel Tiara Labuan.


Then drive to Labuan International Sea Sport Complex to take photo at the new Labuan International Lawn Ball Arena and some part of the Labuan International Sea Sport Complex.




Afterwards, went to Waterfront Hotel. This is the moment that I realize I need a wide angle lens. Uh, wide teleconversion lens. I’m still using ProSumer camera lah.


 Then go to Labuan Museum. From there, I took about 10 minutes to take photos of certain parts at Labuan Square. At that moment, the sky is getting dark. Though it would be a good diffuser to flash, I came to realization that this H5 will never capable of doing that. So I just get back to the museum and take pictures.


“Dey, why you marry my girlfriend? Not fair man!”

Hey. I just went to five places only? I thought I already set 11 places to go?





March 11, 2008

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Another day for jobless people like me.

At this point of time, I determined that I should put my act together and execute the business plan as soon as possible. I don’t care if I have to start with a small office. The business rule in Labuan required you to operate business in business premises despite the advantages of SOHO (Small Office Home Office). Some organization need to understand doing business is costly in Labuan.


Tension eh!


One week passed since the last interview. I think I don’t stand a chance to get the job, since the offshore bank confirmed that they will inform me the result of the interview last week. Whatever la.


I’ve read all the books and magazines that I have in my possession. What else I can read?

Good news is, the PayPal fund has been accumulated to the point that I can buy new camera and the accessories. Another assignment to go, then I will rent an office and start registering process.

One big pat for me!