random – the mother nature awards April 1, 2008

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It’s another weekend to spoil. What’s best than going out and play?

Besides, I felt very good that time. Something inspiring built inside, so that’s when I realized I shot some ‘nice’ images that day.


The playtime started at Peace Park, Layang – Layangan. Somehow I like the contrast build from the monument and the dark blue sky. I think this is when I set my shutter speed to 1/600 or something.


Dont know why I shot this.

Then drive to UMS for another round when I spotted the grass was really really green. I stopped at one picnic spot, and began looking for the best spot to shot this one. Some people really like this one when I posted this in some forums.


Inspiring? Hehe


Just in front of the UMS – KAL. When I get satisfy, I’ll wrap things up and go home. Excessive effort on making my day after I’ve found a satisfaction will keep me away from total enjoyment in photography. So I decided to go home.

Anyway, this is the sunset view from my house. I like the color.




So, how was your day?


6 Responses to “random – the mother nature awards”

  1. massy Says:

    i love the boat shot ah…really man..

  2. abas Says:

    Hi, saiful

    How are things?

    I like the beach. Its a pretty beach! It does not have the best looking sand but the green pasture sure makes it a good place for a picnic or barbeque, basking in the sun, sea breeze…woww..any real sexy foreigners in the area? 😀


  3. saifulrizan Says:

    Thanks Massy! 🙂

    Abas : Nope, no sexy foreigners. Just some local Labuan. 🙂

  4. viv Says:

    Nice… I like the sunset 1…

  5. ais putih Says:

    nicely done!!

  6. saifulrizan Says:

    Viv & Ais Putih : Thanks! 🙂

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