About Me November 12, 2007


Hello world!

My name is Saifulrizan. I am Gemini, and I like to do whatever I think I want or like to do. I’m not always specific in certain areas, thus making me feel more comfortable doing what I do best!

Apart from writing, sometimes I just merely share images taken with my camera. All photos (unless notified) appeared in this blog are taken with my precious Sony DSC H5, a ProSumer camera. My current setup are just a simple tripod and Hoya Pro1D UV Filter.

I also shared my pictures at, a website that gathers photography enthusiasts around the world whom shared their new+old wicked photography style.

In the future, I would like to get my hands on a dSLR camera, preferably Nikon series,be it D40 or D40X, or maybe I’ll change my mind – who knows. Photography is about skills, talent & passion; not about the tools of the trade – I guess.

Have fun!

I guess that’s all for now. Hope you enjoy spending your times here in my blog. My appreciations will never enough to be delivered to all my blog readers, so I will try my best to give more effort on this blog!


Flamers would hate me for this, but who cares.

Best regards,