Scuba Diving in Labuan September 23, 2007

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Labuan is another destination for you to consider when you think about Scuba Diving. The small islands around Labuan are Pulau Kuraman, Pulau Daat, Pulau Rusukan Besar, Pulau Rusukan Kecil, Pulau Papan and Pulau Burung.

With the infamous Four Wrecks of Labuan, it is another solid reason to spend your time scuba diving in Labuan. The Four Wrecks includes the The Blue Water Wreck (lies northeast Kuraman Island), The Cement Wreck ( lies east Kuraman Island), The Australian Wreck ( lies south west Rusukan Besar Island) and The American Wreck (lies south east Rusukan Kecil Island). has all the information you needed about scuba diving in Labuan, and all other scuba diving spot internationally. Another advantages of is you can discuss their travel plans with other divers and use their buddyfinder service to find a dive partner.


Labuan Sea Sport Complex June 28, 2007

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Labuan Sea Sport Complex is a place for sea sport lover. Located within the town area, it’s the most strategic location for tourist and local to learn and enjoy the facilities provided here. Other than the sport recreation facilities itself, Labuan Marine Museum built within the complex, for those who just want to learn type of fishes, and anything related to sea. If you want to experience island hopping in Labuan marine reservation park, there’s plenty of agent that can provide the kind of service to you.

Here, I attached the pictures I’ve taken last couple of weeks ago for your closer look on the sea sport complex itself.

The next time you come to Labuan, make sure you visit this place.

Note : I’ll try to steal some free time to snap pictures inside the marine museum next time.


Labuan Bird Park June 14, 2007

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Manja Rasa Restaurant, Labuan June 1, 2007

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Last Wednesday we went to Manja Rasa, a floating restaurant located at the Labuan Sea Sport Complex. Operates 6 days a week, with different ranges of dining package for different days, it serves as another options for Labuan peoples and tourist to get the taste of the fresh seafood in Labuan.

A bufet cost RM 20 per person. Eat all you can, just don’t vomit in the end. Manja Rasa serves plenty of seafood on their restaurant, and some meat and chicken too.

Different lighting creates a vibrant atmosphere at Manja Rasa, giving me hard time to snap pictures with this camera. The environment freshen by the wind from the sea, giving you the sensational of tasting your food without realising how bad your hair blown by the wind.

Apology for the confusing image. It was the left over of prawn & crab.

After we finished our dinner, we went to the 3rd floor, Sailor’s Deck, that is. I think this floor serves as an observation floor or just another spot for us viewing the night scene of our Industrial zone or Labuan Sea Sport Complex.

For RM 20 per person, with good customer service, this place made us felt like home. To reserve the second floor (for dinner function, fully air-conditioned), you can call the number listed below.

Manja Rasa Restaurant




Labuan War Memorial @ War Cemetery May 28, 2007

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Disclaimer : This is an entry on patriotism, not an attempt to expose myself to blasphemous. All text and images were taken and edited with the consciousness of reminding myself (and the rest of Malaysian) to appreciate our country harmonious in all aspects that allow us to live in peaceful and harmony.

War Memorial, Labuan (a.k.a War Cemetery) located at Membedai, just in front of the Labuan General Hospital. I went to the place sometimes last week, when I had this thought of writing a patriotic entry for the coming Independence Day on 31st August. This 31st August will mark th 50th celebration of Malaysia Indepence Day.

War Memorial, Labuan – Hereon are recorded the names of officers and men of the British Comonwealth of Nations who died within and around Borneo during the 1939 – 1945 war and whose graves are known only unto God.

At the entrance, visitors will see bronze boards carved with every names of those who died during the war (1939 – 1945). There are more than 10 boards and on those board written all the names of the soldiers, officers, nurse and medic personnels whom during the war.

Some of the deceased family members put red roses during their visit.

Indian Infantry – Punjab regiment
Click picture to see the image in full scale size.

The place were really taken care of by the authorities whom given the responsibilities of preserving and taking care of the memorial park – as to preserve the symbol and meaning of those sacrifices their life for giving us the chance to live in peaceful and harmony.

Take your time to walk around the cemetery and read all the names, ranks, regiment, date of death, age and some words from their family members. Some of them died at the age of 25, battling enemies with courage and guns. I am 24 now, and the only battle I’ve been through is a nagging partner and financial problems to tackle. The battle I’ve been through couldn’t be compared to them, whom battling with bayonette and fire arms.

It reads ” Tho’ we miss him sadly, he’ll always be near. He gave his life for those most dear”.

Some of them remain unknown to us.

My friend, Julian been to Labuan to cover a Remembrance Day ceremony that similar to Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand. Click here to read his entry.

I’ve concluded the visit as boosting my self-consciousness, awareness and inner-boosting on my view and perception towards the spirit of protecting something for the sake of my future and the peoples around me. Till next time.


Labuan Sea Sport Complex – Sailing April 25, 2007

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Yeap. as promised, the pictures of a young kid practising his sailing skill. This is also simply another mean of learning the composition and exposure on the picture (which I am terrible with). Anyway, all shots taken in Zoom mode. 12x zoom, I can snap someone naked at Pulau Papan already. 🙂

So, here you go.

Back on the shore, I noticed a couple of kids was swimming alongside the moving boat. I took their picture, and made it like this.

An Illegal dumped to the ocean – Wild imagination, eh?

All pictures taken at Labuan Sea Sport Complex.

Interested in sea sport activities? Please contact :

Labuan Tourism Action Council
P.O.Box No. 235, 87008 F.T. Labuan, Malaysia
Tel : 6087 408600 Fax : 6087 419622


Branding Labuan April 16, 2007

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It came to my mind lately that I’ve been blogging loosely, without creating a statement and perception that will affect my readers. I think I used to be an informative blogger, maybe not, or maybe I was. I think that what we might call blogger-block, as if it is a writer’s block or any other phrase that merely an interpretation of lacking on ideas.

Recently, we talked much about Labuan in, a virtual forums for Labuan citizens and peoples that interested to know about Labuan. We talked about development, plans, problems and many more, with a purpose of getting to a result that could be use for further action. Let’s talk about it later.

This time, or maybe this year, or maybe forever, this blogger will be on a mission. The idea resulted from this blog itself, that it has been a ‘one-man show’ blog. This blog entries and photos resulted from a conversation with certain peoples, but mostly with my girlfriend. I want to give her credit too. But then, I don’t think writing about how my life’s going with my girlfriend everyday are appropriate, besides, that’s not my way of writing. What happened between us shall be kept between us. So I came out with a win-win decision, run a duo blog (but still under the name of and both of us work out on blogging about this island. See, how diplomatic I am.

Branding Labuan that is. This blog will runs a series of reviews on events, places and moment that you can experience in Labuan. It was my plan to tarnish a perception on Labuan Island as merely a place for night life entertainment. We have a great destination as well. So I think this might be a medium to tell peoples about what Labuan is.

This time, this blogger wont run a one-man show, but accompanied by my girlfriend, a girl that started to get her hands on photography. She’s been a companion whenever I decided to blog about places in Labuan. She’s planning to get a Sony T100, simply because of the sleek design and of course, fascinated by the TV commercial of it. When she’s getting better in photography, I will set up a blog for her so peoples can share her point of view from her camera lens.

I don’t know if it is only me or is it true that there’s no effort given on promoting Labuan as a tourism spot. That is a solid reason for the birth of this mission. I remember a Federal Territory Minister released a statement that a lots of money will be invested on developing Labuan, but it’s still a plan. We bloggers should be thankful for every action and freedom of our speech does not limited by a budget that needs to go through approvals and maybe a lame bureaucracy system.

To all my readers, thank you so much for supporting this blog since the beginning. It has been a great experience to have you all giving opinions, supports and critics to help me make this blog informative and useful.

This time, I am not alone, and this blog now have a mission.