Honda Civic Type R Sedan March 22, 2008

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Come Friday, March 30, the new Civic Type R will go on sale in Japan. Based on the current Civic 4-door, the Type R is powered by a screaming, normally aspirated 2.0-liter four cylinder (K20A) that eclipses 100 hp/liter, producing around 225 ponies at 8,000 rpm and 159 lb-ft of torque at 6,100 rpm.. A six-speed manual transmission feeds power to the front wheels — 18-inch units shod with a set of Bridgestone Potenzas. Four-piston Brembos are visible between the spokes and provide the car’s stopping power. Body rigidity is said to be 50% better than that of the previous Integra Type R (Acura RSX), and the car weighs in at 1,250 kg (2755 lbs) with no A/C installed. The creature comfort adds another 20 kg (44 lbs).


Externally, a redesigned front fascia incorporates a large lower air intake for improved breathing. The hood and front fenders are unique to the Type R, as is the rear bumper with its integrated diffuser. Red “H” emblems, sill extensions and the to-be-expected rear wing cap off the car’s racy look. Type R badging adorns the rear of the car, and logo decals are available for owners who want to add them to the spot in front of the rear wheel cutout. Additionally, Modulo provides an aftermarket stripe kit and accessory driving lights, both of which you can see in the attached gallery. Viewed in profile, the Type R has an aggressive stance, with a decidedly pointed snout. It is the best-looking Civic sedan available in any market.



Inside, Type R-exclusive front seats await the driver and passenger, and the upholstery is available in either all-black or a black-and-red two-tone. An aluminum shift knob, metallic pedals, red steering wheel logo, and an Engine Start button make it clear that this is not your ordinary Civic, while options such as ambient lighting in the footwells and Honda’s hard-disk navigation system allow for further personalization. Three paint colors — Championship White, Super Platinum metallic, and Vivid Blue Pearl — are offered, and Honda hopes to sell 400 of the cars each month at a price of 2,835,000 yen (which directly translates to around $24,000 USD for those of you who were wondering, not that it really applies to us). All we know is that we want one. Badly.


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2nd Labuan Autoshow 2008 February 11, 2008

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It’s the 2nd Labuan Autoshow, and it’s the first autoshow event for 2008. It was held for 2 days, from 2nd to 3rd February recently. On the 2nd, the event started at 3 pm and ended at 10 pm. It’s a good move to held late in the afternoon until at night, since it’s really hot in Labuan during the day. I went there with a good friend of mine, whom brought his 2 months baby too. To my surprise, his baby didn’t awake from the loud thumping sound produced by the ICE from the cars at the Labuan Sea Sport Complex parking lot.




I only manage to take the pictures on the second day. Went there early at the morning (9 a.m. still consider early given that it was on Sunday!) to get a good shot of all the cars at the fresh early morning (again). There were not many cars as the night before. There were only like 20 cars and 20 bikes participated during that day, approximately half of what I saw at the night.






Some rumors said that certain participants withdraw their car from the competition after realizing the winner will be determined from 70% public vote and 30% professional jury. The voting paper can be bought at the counter.






The voting slip can be bought at the counter, and if you buy it at certain amount, you will get a number of mineral water with it. Business?


I have to admit. It’s a lousy way of determining the winner. Unprofessional and super












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Opel Vectra B – The real shitbox November 22, 2007

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Today I think a lot about matters that would force me to burn my wallet again. If I decide to take it all, there’ll be more than wallet that will be hit by the Armageddon. I wonder why those things I needed requires a lot of money. I’ve been calculating the income that I’ve expected for December. Too bad I have to count in my income for January and February as well!

Let’s start with the items with petty amount to be expensed on. A Nikon D40, a Dopod 838 Pro and little office furniture and fittings for an office I’ve setup at home. Not that I don’t want to make use the current office where NXG Solutions located at, but I’m trying to avoid the conflict of interest in managing the business(es).


So far, the only thing that would cause a super headache will be the cost of swapping the engine. Perhaps I haven’t mentioned that I drive a Honda and the Opel Vectra B. The latter I bought in cash, given the current market value allows me to avoid the necessity of applying the loan. That would give me less allocation for payment of debt from my income. So the only things I need to consider are the annual tax, insurance, petrol, service and maintenance.


The only thing with the Opel is the engine. Given that it is fully imported, the spare parts for the engine are the rarest thing in Labuan. Just imagine sensor oxygen will cost me RM 1,000 including installation; which was broken during my stay in Australia (courtesy of whoever drove the car that time). I inspect the case where the entire important sensor were put in one place, and realized there’s more than four sensors, and it all looks like it’s going to be broken in two months to come. Imagine if I have to change the other four sensors, and it all costs me RM 4,000 in total – that would be the cost of swapping Japanese made engine to the Opel.


I’ve made my mind – swap the Opel Vectra ECOTEC engine to any 3S engine from Toyota. Be it the 3S from the Caldina, Altezza or MR2, I still haven’t decide yet. All I need now is an engine that capable enough to give an average performance to the car. It’s a daily use car. Plus, I need a cheaper maintenance, spare parts and I want a manual transmission. So far, there’s an offer for the engine, complete with the manual transmission for RM 5,000.00. I’m still looking for other options. There’s also another offer but with different engine, that is the RB20 from Nissan Skyline series – not sure if it’s from the R32 or R33, but I have to keep the sense together that the Opel will be used only for daily use; from home to office. If I want a race breed engine, I’ll go for the Nissan Fairlady 350Z, Nissan Sylvia, Toyota Supra, Mazda RX7 or any other super car.


For now, I keep the Opel at home, leaving it for good, for now. While the fuel consumption is pretty inefficient, due to some problems with the fuel pump and the fuel line, I expect there’ll be some problems with the gearbox as well (my apology, I forgot the term ‘gearbox’ for auto tranny car – is it torque converter?).
My friend ever said any cars from Japan are shit box, and praised this Opel for its engineering technology. It’s proven now that no matter how modern and hi-tech the car is, it will be the real shit box if the spare part for it are not available in masses and it costs a night with Paris Hilton just to make it work.
For now, I’ll manage my savings and look for any opportunity to make more money, for the sake of fixing the shitbox.

Secure your dream car September 18, 2007

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I always have this thing for speed. It’s fascinating, and of course, it’s fun. Hell a lot of fun, I must say. Come to think of it, I can recall my number of accidents I have been into before. But I guess the grandest of all must be the one when I lost control on the track and turned the Putra upside down. That was my deepest regret for destructing a race car, but it was another achievement in life, surviving one bloody unfortunate event.

With some extra income flowing into my pocket every month, I started to dare myself to dream of Mazda RX7. Yes, the rotary engine where everyone in automotive scene in Malaysia considered as taboo. No one dare to play a rotary engine, but those whom into the rotary rocket would spend thousands to get their Rexy working very well. In the end, it’s all end up on how good your manage your car condition, and how good you’re on handling your beast car.

This is a nightmare!

But one thing slapped me back real hard. I’ve been in an accident four (4) times, most of it was my fault, but once it wasn’t. And most of the time, the insurance wont cover all the expenses, and yet I’ve got to fork out hundreds from my wallet just to get the car back in shape and working normally. It’s just one thing. If my car look so tempted and gorgeous to anyone, I could face the risk of theft problem, or perhaps, vandals that couldn’t accept the fact that my ride is better than them. I need a
coverage for sports car, so I know I will be protected financially. Bu ththe thing with sport car, the insurance tend to go high to the sky, and for some people, it’s not affordable. But I know I can get a lower rates for my RX 7. So, what’s your dream car? And have you plan ahead your auto insurance plan?


Honda Civic Type R 2007 September 8, 2007

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All photos taken from here. More info can be found at Honda Civic Mugen Type R.


Ferrari Enzo – Miniature June 6, 2007

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I have in my possession a Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari F430. Woops! Sorry to tell you the truth, it’s just a toy. A poor guy like me can’t even afford a local production car! So sad, I can only buy the miniature one for this photography learning session.

Equipped with a black cardboard and a tripod, I tried to take the pictures as if I was taking pictures of the real Enzo, price-tagged at USD 643,330.00 (approximately).

Anyway, stop mumbling how weak I am financially. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

You like it?


Toyota Vios 2007 April 15, 2007

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My friend, William from JCI Labuan emailed me these pictures. It’s the Toyota Vios 2007 pictures.

Looks tough from this side.

A compartment behind the climate control board?

I prefer analog / needle meter to help me indicating my fuel level.

Seriously, this looks dull and… cheap.

I’ve tried searching for the specifications in the Internet, but couldn’t find it anywhere. I wonder if this Vios 2007 will make it way to our Malaysian market, since Yaris is already here, and it’s rumoured that the Sedan version of Yaris will come out soon, which looks a little bit Honda City-ish. No idea on the price tag, but I know it will be less than RM 100k here in Labuan.

You can see the image of the prototype here.