Holga 120 Flash & 135mm Film Adapter February 24, 2008

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Another package arrived from Hong Kong. A big grin welcomes the package – of course.


I bought a flash and 135mm film adaptor for my Holga 120N. For a cost around USD 30 (including shipping), it’s worth it – considering there are no 120 film available in all photo shops in Labuan. My next purchase will includes a box of 120mm film.


I like the humming sound the flash produces. The ready lamp indicates if the flash fully charged to trigger a flash – of course. It needs one AA battery to operate it.

The Exposure table at the back is really helpful. The horizontal column shows distances in feet and meters. The vertical column specifies film speeds in ISO standard.


The 135mm film adapter has a track set to direct the film straight. It’s useful to avoid the film from moving up and down. But I didn’t take off the rubber band to keep the film winding up straight.

This is how it looks like.

The package includes a back cover without the film counter window. It works to avoid lights leakage.

According to the manual, after every shot, wind up the Film Advance Knob about 24 clicks. From what I learned on the internet, some peoples recommended 34. So, I decided to mark the wasted film to mark where about the 24 and 34 clicks ended. It doesn’t create much difference, except for the interval that might separate one picture from another.

This is going to be fun!!!!


I DIY MY Holga February 21, 2008

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When I bought the Holga, I thought 120 film is not possible to find at any shop. Hell I should do my homework first.

After looking through at some websites and blogs, I learned how to use 35mm film with this camera, provided there was some rough modification to do to your Holga if you don’t mind.



Basically, this is how it looks like after I did some addition to the camera.


The green tape contains cotton inside, to hold the film in place. 120 film should fit the film compartment perfectly, but not the 35mm film. So the thing should hold the film roll a little bit accurate this time.


I wrap the upper part and the bottom part (not shown here) of the Take Up Spool with rubberbands to hold the film in place when I turn the Film Advance Knob. I learned that if I don’t do this, the film will moving up and down.


I use part of the film box and slide it in under the take up spool to provide much needed tension when turning the Advance Knob.


I purposely tape the Film Counter Window to prevent light leak to the film. 35mm film don’t have what the 120 film has – a sort of layer at the back with a number of it for indication purpose. Meaning, the 35mm film is so sensitive to light you have to tape the entire possible gap which would let light leak into the camera.


Some people would mummify their Holga.


Anyway, I am still waiting for the film adaptor and the flash for Holga 120N. I will have more fun with this camera soon!!!!!