Rugby Clinic at SMK Mutiara Labuan FT February 9, 2008

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Date: 1 – 6 February 2008

Location: SMK Mutiara, Labuan FT

Involvement: Labuan Rugby Club members, students of SMK Mutiara, SMK Labuan, Sekolah Menengah Sains Labuan and SM St Anthony, Labuan.



















7th Borneo Cobra 10s 2007 November 10, 2007

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Labuan Rugby Club was invited to the Borneo Cobra 10s 2007. The event was held in Stadium Likas Kota Kinabalu on the 3rd and 4th November 2007; recently. We were honored to be invited to this tournament. Thought we only got a week to prepare before heading to Kota Kinabalu, we felt the urge to give a fair competition to the teams participated. With an average size of Asian man, we were scheduled to play against SRU Borneo Eagles, Penguins International Rugby Club from UK and Potbellies Rugby Club. I personally felt the tension with right foot problem, causing an extra cautious and a little bit nervous to play against big size rugby players. Let’s not talk more, because I don’t have much chance to play for the whole three match. At least my face included in the team picture and sold at RM 15 on one booth over there.

The team consist of mainly junior player (in terms of age, not period of participated) and few addition of senior player. We hope speed is our main advantage since we realized we can’t bang the wall with skins and bones. In our way to Menumbok from Labuan, we talked about the plan and tactical moves. The 1 hour and 30 minutes ferry trip was all about the game play, and the prediction of who’s who, and what’s what. When arrived, we took a bus to Kota Kinabalu – for the next boring 2 and half hour trip. In Kota Kinabalu, we stayed at Marina Court, courtesy of the organizer.

During the first day of the game, I managed to put myself in the first 10 players to play against SRU Borneo Eagles. Though my knee getting better and I felt the excitement to play more, I only got 5 minutes to play before someone replaced my position which left me err… nah! Just forget it!

All I can say, I enjoy watching the whole game, though I felt unsatis……. There it go again…

What can I say? Where else you can find a chance to be in a sea of rugby players, merged from different continentals. And most of them are international rugby players. Any rugby players would feel the excitement. But I don’t know about Julian . He’s taking pictures the whole day with his fellows, under the burning sun. Thanks Julian for taking my pics that day. I hope my big belly wont cracked your camera lens

Let’s speed up the story, ok. Sandakan Eagles merged as the champion tournament.

Ok, end of story. Labuan Rugby Club will compete again next year.

Read more about this in my friend blog, Julian.


Rugby Clinic at SK Layang – Layangan, Labuan June 25, 2007

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Note : I started to hate my job.. really!

Last Saturday, 23rd June 2007, Labuan Rugby Club cooperated with teachers from 9 primary schools in Labuan to conduct a rugby clinic for those kids. It was an apprentice program to introduce these kids to touch rugby, for Under 12 category. The program started at 7.30 in the morning, with the participation of almost a hundred students from 9 participating school in Labuan.

The program includes 4 stations; Handling, Scrum, Line out and Kicking, to introduce initial formation in touch rugby. The rules for this category doesn’t similar to adult rugby game. No tackling, challenge ball during scrum and many more. The only way to stop the opponent is to tap their body, without making full body contact. It’s the basic game to master before moving to the next level.

I conduct the scrum station. According to the rule, scrum formation resulted from knock on, fumble and forward pass. For Under 12 category, there’s no challenging from opponent during scrum, so it’s easier and safe for kids. At first, it’s not easy to conduct children to listen to your instruction. But then I came up with some ideas.

I asked the kids in my station to sit in front of me. I introduced myself, including the other 2 players, Anuar and some new guy from Sekolah Menegah Sains, Labuan. I started my speech by implementing some essence of playing rugby and teamwork.

“This is your team, no matter from what school you are. From now on, under my observation, I am your coach, you’re my players. I demand only three things from you all. Number 1, I demand your discipline. Number 2, do not talk when I’m talking. Number 3, if you have question or feeling pain, raise your hand to get my attention”

It’s not hard to ask them to be civilized and listen to your instruction. There’s a different way of using the intonation and how you put your words together to talk to children. Kids won’t get it if you raise your voice. But they will, if you create a boundary between you and them, and talk like there’s a mutual respect between both.

So I think the program was a total success, with all participants show their improvement and a promising skills and talents. After all, it’s easy to teach them, when they listen to you. Anyway, some of us were called “teacher, coach, abang, sir and some of us, PAKCIK” Lol!!! Anyway, I really hope if there’ll be another program to follow up this one. It’s a good start to develop rugby game in Labuan after all.

So, I represent you the Labuan Rugby Club members that involved in the rugby clinic. Most of them are the junior members of the club. Regardless the junior status, they showed their capabilities in leading a group. Thanks to you guys.


Labuan 10s 2007 preparation April 18, 2007

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Notes :
Things being hectic and sometimes uncontrollable, due to lack of information, and the problems that occurred in our office lately. I am wondering if I can survive after the staff retrenchment thingy, but then I believe everything will be fine.

We’re now finalizing the draft letters to send out to several government bodies to approve the tournament, private companies to gain sponsorship and to all teams that we expected to participate in this amateur International tournament.

Brunei Wanderer vs Labuan Matriculation College (2004)

Labuan 10s 2002

So, among the teams that are listed in the list, here I present to you all those who will be participating in the Labuan 10s International Rugby Tournament 2007.

International Teams

  • Royal Brunei Yatch Club
  • Penaga Crocs, Brunei
  • ISCI Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Nomads Rugby Club, Philippines
  • The Pot Belly Pigs Rugby Club, Hong Kong
  • The Flying Elvis RUgby CLub, Hong Kong
  • Royal Brunei Army
  • Royal Brunei Police
  • KB Python Brunei
  • Bandar Black RFC
  • Singapore Cricket Club

Malaysian teams

  1. Sandakan Eagle
  2. Royal Selangor Club
  4. Kuching Rugby Club
  5. OSCA, KK
  6. UMNO Youth KK
  7. RMAF Labuan Base
  8. Miri Rugby CLub
  9. UiTM KK
  10. UMS KK
  11. UMS Labuan
  12. Royal Brunei Army
  13. Royal Brunei Police
  14. Kepayan Tigers
  15. Blackhawk

This is my first time being in a committee that organizing an International level of participation. And I’m looking forward to the thrill and superb game play this August!