Going Home March 20, 2008

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It’s holiday season again, and people’s going back to their hometown. These are the set of pictures taken when people boarding the vehicle ferry going to Menumbok, Sabah at 7 a.m.

With passenger ticket cost at RM 5 per person, two and half an hour of traveling; this is the best choice for those who want to save money.







Sunday Outing January 17, 2008

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It’s another Sunday to waste, and it’s another day for practice. I got my tools of trade with me, but this time it will be twisted with the 58mm yellow filter. Initially, it was a plan to take silhouette image of the Labuan Sea Sport Complex at sunset – or perhaps more than that.

But I guess to wait is a waste. I got the filter so I decided to give it a go.


The other end washed off to the shore.


It’s family day.






Heart to heart by the beach


He intentionally cycle back and forth to admire my humble setup, so I give one go for him.


Though there are no artistic values of this image, but I like how the contrast finally showed up (after using the yellow filter many times before).


Sepia mode + teleconversion + yellow filter


It’s almost sunset – a bit dark resulted from the low EV.


Even though the sunset was not like what I wanted (or the image appeared not like what I think of), I guess it’s another day of learning.

I will give another try next time.


Best of 2007 December 28, 2007

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For the last post of 2007, I picked some of the best pictures that I took during 2007 with Sony DSC H5 and BenQ DC C510. A bit warning though; this post is super long. Get used to it.

Sunset at Pancur Hitam

Portrait | Manual Exposure | ISO200 | Aperture Value 3.50 | 13.80 mm | EV -1.00 | 1/100 Second

This picture was taken a couple of days after I got the H5. I purposely was waiting for the right time, from 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm (approximately) to get the right (I think) shot. During that interval period, I took about 100 images – and only one is the best.

Sungai Labu, Labuan

Standard | Manual Exposure | ISO320 | F Number=3.20 | Focal Length=7.50 mm | Exposure bias=1.00 | Exposure Time=1/8 Second

Too bad I got this image in 640 x 480. Too bad…


Standard | Auto Exposure | 1/30 Second | Aperture Value=3.30 | ISO100 | F =3.30
Focal Length=7.30 mm | Exposure bias=-0.70 | Maximum lens aperture=2.97

This was taken from my office, back then when I used to work from morning to late at night. This was taken with my BenQ DC C510, a P&S camera.

Time Traveler

Night Scene | Manual Exposure | Flash=On | ISO Speed Rating=ISO125 | F Number=2.80 | Focal Length=6.00 mm | Light Source=Auto | Exposure bias=1.00 | Exposure Time=1 Second | Maximum lens aperture=3.00 Metering mode=Spot

If only the A pillar was not visible because of the flash. To determine a correct composition in a moving car is like running and carrying a basket of eggs at the same time. Anyway, I like how it turns out, because this picture taken during the day I got the H5.


ISO320 | F Number=3.20 | Focal Length=12.40 mm | 1/250 Second | Maximum lens aperture=3.00

This was taken during the opening ceremony of Labuan International Sea Challenge 2007. I ran away from the crowd and have to use the superzoom feature to take this shot. Plus, there were plenty of photogs with dSLR there, so I was kinda shy. 🙂 I like their lighting setup, because for some 2 seconds, it will dim, giving some dramatic scene to the dance – and those 2 seconds was forever to wait!


Standard | Auto Exposure | ISO Speed Rating=ISO125 | F Number=4.50 | Focal Length=63.80 mm | 1/1000 Second

Taken at Labuan Bird Park, when I started taking pictures of the birds there.

An Old Man

Standard | ISO125 | F Number=4.50 | Focal Length=72.00 mm | 1/500 | Maximum lens aperture=3.00

This old man was on the boat that participated in the ROLEX IGFA Qualifying Round, a deep sea fishing tournament organized as part of the Labuan International Sea Challenge 2007. Was trying to take a black & white image of this one, but it wasn’t a shiny day at that time.

Don’t dump me here

Standard | Manual Exposure | ISO160 | F Number=4.50 | Focal Length=72.00 mm | Exposure bias=-0.30 | 1/1000 Second

Taken at Labuan Sea Sport Complex, this girl was in the water with her partner (in this picture, her partner was diving) while a boat passing through. While the girl looking at the boat, I decided that was the opportunity!


Standard | Exposure Mode=Manual Exposure | ISO320 | F Number=3.70 | Focal Length=72.00 mm | Exposure bias=-0.30 | 1/80 Second

He participated in the Battle Of The Band, a side-event for Labuan International Sea Challenge. I guess he was the bassist with a style and cool expression among others musician. Anyhow, this guy reminded me of Jimmy Chamberlain from Smashing Pumpkins; though Jimmy was the band guitarist.


Standard | Manual Exposure | ISO320 | F Number=3.50 | Focal Length=19.20 mm | Exposure bias=-0.30 | 1/125 Second

The band leader sang aggressively, energetic and compelling. The stage lighting was the last thing I need for taking pictures with the H5, so I have to cope with plenty of blown images.


Standard | Manual Exposure | ISO320 | F Number=3.20 | Focal Length=10.00 mm | Exposure bias=-2.00 | Exposure Time=1/20 Second | Maximum lens aperture=3.00

After reading a post on the Internet about a simple DIY studio, I decided to give it a try. With a black cardboard, and portable light, I did a set of photos of the miniature Ferrari F430 and Enzo.
Little boy

Standard | Manual Exposure | ISO320 | F Number=3.50 | Focal Length=36.90 mm | Exposure bias=1.00 | Exposure Time=1/8 Second

While wasting times in the ferry to Menumbok (it’s half an hour trip on the ferry alone), I saw this boy looking at me; while I was cleaning the lens filter. While he’s peeking at me, I took his photo secretly.
Signal Hill

Standard | Auto Exposure | ISO125 | F Number=3.20 | Focal Length=6.00 mm | 1/13 Second

I love the composition, but somehow I got noisy all over the image. Though I set the Aperture high a bit, but still I got a dark image. I still need to work on this when I come back to Signal Hill, Kota Kinabalu sometimes next year.

Alaf Baru

Standard | Auto Exposure | ISO125 | F Number=5.60 | Focal Length=72.00 mm | Exposure bias=0.00 | 1/500 Second

While sitting in the car, waiting for the ferry to Labuan arrive, I saw this scene. From the other side of the wire fence, I use the super zoom. If this is what they called Depth Of Field, I must have been zooming extremely to the sign board (Alaf Baru – Computer Centre) and abandoned the old man image to make a statement – generation collision. And that was a failure.

Staring at the sky
Location: Sungai Lada, Labuan

Standard | Auto Exposure | ISO320 | F Number=2.80 | Focal Length=6.00 mm | Exposure bias=0.00 | Exposure Time=1/8 Second

Power of Life
Location: Morningside, Queensland

Standard | Manual Exposure | ISO125 | F Number=5.60 | Focal Length=6.00 mm | Exposure bias=0.30 | Exposure Time=1/640 Second

Standard | Auto Exposure | ISO125 | F Number=2.80 | Focal Length=6.00 mm | Exposure Time=1/40 Second

Nothing. Just to say I did fly this plane.


Standard | Auto Exposure | ISO125 | F Number=4.00 | Focal Length=12.40 mm | Exposure bias=0.00 | Exposure Time=1/250 Second

This was taken during the trip to Sandakan Crocodile Farm recently. How I wish the sunlight would shine directly to the crocodile to make it more obvious.

Long boat

ISO125 | F Number=4.00 | Focal Length=9.60 mm | Exposure bias=0.00 | 1/80 Second

I used Auto Enhance mode to bring out the contrast of this image.


ISO125 | F Number=4.00 | Focal Length=71.70 mm | Exposure bias=0.70 | Exposure Time=1/400 Second

This is my first Depth Of Field image taken during the Labuan International Sea Challenge 2007.


Standard | Manual Exposure | ISO320 | F Number=2.80 | Focal Length=6.00 mm | Exposure bias=1.00 | Exposure Time=1/30 Second
Tree Bark

Standard | Auto Exposure | ISO125 | F Number=4.00 | Focal Length=6.00 mm | Exposure bias=0.00 | Exposure Time=1/160 Second | Metering mode=Center-weighted Average

Taken at Sandakan Park recently.

Lady In Red

Standard | Auto Exposure | ISO125 | F Number=2.80 | Focal Length=6.10 mm | 1/40 Second

This was my first time taking pictures inside a shopping complex, where yellow lights are dominant. When I decided to quit taking photos and reset the setting and started to looking for white paper to adjust the white balance, I saw this lady in red.

Mini Morris

Standard | Auto Exposure | ISO125 | F Number=4.00 | Focal Length=6.00 mm | 1/125 Second

This image resulted from my first attempt on unusual angle. You can read the original post here

Happy Family

Standard | Manual Exposure | ISO400 | F Number=2.80 | Focal Length=6.00 mm | Exposure bias=-0.70 | 1/200 Second + 58mm Hoya Yellow Filter

In 2008, I really hope I can buy myself a dSLR. I got some reviews of the camera saved in my hard disk, but still I can’t make decision. Some people said a Nikon D40 is good for a beginner like me. But still there are plenty of choices out there, and I have to match it with what I need – easy to use while easy to learn, multiple choices of lenses during my learning process, cheap (not that cheap, but still affordable).

So, can you help me with what should I pick?

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Photography – Hoya 58mm Yellow Filter December 14, 2007

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I woke up this morning with a bit thought on the pictures I’ve found in some magazines I got at home. Those pictures gave another perspective to my enthusiasm. I guess all the pictures I took before always go straight and normal.

So I decided to give it a shot. With Hoya Pro 1D 58mm UV Filter and Hoya 58mm Yellow Filter, I walked around the house looking for interesting subject to play with. This time, I didn’t tilt my camera to any direction, except for where it always be – eye to the viewfinder. (I hate using LCD)

So, this is what I come up with.

I guess I’m too happy to see the result, so I posted some of the pictures in my possession to Below are the candidates. Voting open until February 2008

Enjoy your weekend, guys! Cheers!

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Sandakan Crocodile Farm – Part 2 December 3, 2007

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Following the post of Sandakan Crocodile Farm – Part 1, this time, this post will display a set of pictures of what on show there, everyday from 3 -5 pm.


First, the staff (there were three of them) will educate the crowd about the crocodile physical features. A voice from one booth will tell it all, while the staff in the dried pool moves around the crocodile body to demonstrate according to the explanation from the booth.

This is the thinnest skin part of a crocodile body


Then another guy helped the first guy by re-positioning the crocodile to the back of the first guy. It was a dancing time!
First show was about to get started. The staff calmed down the crocodile by rubbing the crocodile face. As I look at the crocodile, they don’t even open their eyes. Are they sleeping or what?


Oi! Don’t poke my eyes la!

Then the show started.



This is how you brush the predator teeth.



Relax for a while lah

Mating demonstration 😉

Now satisfied, I let you rest for a while la. 

Now get another one

I came, I saw…

I kiss…. 

So that’s all or maybe part of the show in Sandakan Crocodile Farm. It brought back the memories and new experiences as well. This is a must go place in Sandakan, apart from other historical and interesting places available for outsiders who come to Sandakan.

That’s all for now my friends. If there’s any chance in future that I will have opportunity to visit Sandakan again, this will be in my top list of places to go.


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Sandakan Crocodile Farm – Part 1

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It has been 6 years since my last visit to the crocs at Sandakan Crocodile Farm. When late grandfather still alive, he always took us to this place. Back then, there’s no show for the visitors. The only live show presented was the feeding to the crocs. Normally they will feed the crocs with chicken and meat at 9 a.m. everyday.

Back then, it was all about crocodiles. I remember there were crocodiles all over the place. But now, they put in few other animals as well, to give more variety to the visitors experience at Sandakan Crocodile Farm.

These pictures represent what you can expect in Sandakan Crocodile Farm. Enjoy!




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Creative Photography – Unusual Angles November 26, 2007

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At first time, I thought photography is all about taking pictures and capture the best moments and all that kind of things. Yes, that is the basic thing; without taking into account the importance of composition, lighting and angles.

I was keen to take pictures about everything, from scenery to scale model. After a while, I thought it was boring – sooner I realized I’ve lost interest in taking pictures. I let the camera stay in the box, and take it out sometimes to clean up the dust.

A couple of weeks ago, I got this email from Dave Peterson, a professional photographer because I subscribed to his website newsletter. He was talking about taking pictures from unusual angles. He realized most photos are shot at eye level. Come to think of it, this is because traditionally, you needed to have the viewfinder up to your eye to ensure you get everyone in the shot.

So this is his tips:

  1. Hold your camera at waist height and click while walking around. Some photos will be blurred, but you can usually find some that are very good. This works particularly well in sunlight when walking around a tourist area.
  2. When shooting any subject with a lot of straight lines (like someone on a fence), turn the camera 45 degrees to give a diagonal look to your image that enhances the mood of the picture.
  3. Sometimes the best images need to be taken from unusual locations such as from the top of a building (for a birds eye shot) or right down on the ground. Also point the camera different ways .including straight up or straight down. Don’t be afraid to try different angles. Placing your camera at angles of 30 degrees from the horizontal or vertical lines work well.
  4. When finding that great angle, don’t worry about looking the fool! Being self-conscious will affect your ability to find great angles, your concentration, and maybe even the quality of your photographs.
  5. You don’t need to go to extremes to find a great angle – even standing on a step, or getting down onto one knee can make a lot of difference.
  6. To make small things look large, lie on the ground and hold your camera towards the sky. This will make your small subject look like a giant! This also works well for tall buildings such as lighthouses.

Credit to Dave Peterson, for the tips.
Photos taken by me during the recent Labuan Classic Car AutoShow 2007

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