Dopod 838 Pro – I want November 18, 2007

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Remember when I ran a survey which I asked for your opinion on which PDA should I get? I made my mind back then, that Dopod 838 Pro would be the one. And I am still collecting money to get it; and other things that I’ve been wanting for. Sometime ago, I’ve tried looking for unlocked phone and hoping that I will find one; my desired Dopod 838 Pro. Too bad I didn’t have much time to look for it in Brisbane.

Currently I’m using O2 XDA II Mini, which borrowed to me by a friend, Adam. Since he’s using O2 Stealth for managing the company matters, he lends me this Mini so I can use it. It’s really useful to track down my to-do-list things, and keep a draft notes whenever we’re discussing the project management and decides the outcomes of every possible way of dealing with it. I must say it’s very useful, though I haven’t explored any other programs installed in the PDA’s.

But I expect there’s more I can do with the Dopod 838 Pro, simply for it specification (which I hope can support certain programs that I will use in the future) and it’s physical appearance, which will keep me stick to keyboard-friendly fingers. Pointing a stylus to the screen doesn’t seem to be interesting. I still want to feel the input done by hitting the keypad. Slap me hard, but I’m loyal to tapping my fingers.

In few weeks to come, I will get my own PDA, which is the Dopod 838 Pro. By then, I’ll be getting a simulation for calculating insurance premium for the Dopod, since I got my license back and re-emerge my insurance profession as my side income source. Though I’ve been closing few deals recently, but I hope with the PDA’s, the job will be getting easier, and closing the deal will be, hopefully, more sweeter than taking out my laptop and consume much space on the table, depends on where I want to get it done.

Till then, I’ll keep crossing my fingers.


Travel to Australia October 7, 2007

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My frequent visit to Australia still couldn’t satisfy me. I’ve read all things about interesting places, in all states in Australia. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to visit them all. If you asked me, there’s 3 places where I would like to spend my vacation in Australia, because I think these places have more attractions and interesting places than the other states.


A bit information on Melbourne,

Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city. It is a place with something for
everybody to enjoy. It has fashionable stores, plenty of bars and cafes with a
large variety of cosmopolitan restaurants, botanic gardens and riverside walks,
overlooked by elegant streets and sky scrapers, food and film festivals,
galleries , theatres and much more.

Sound awesome? This city moved by business, and it has all the excitement in any of your preferences, be it food, culture, scenery, architecture and many more.

For accommodation, I have an option to pay from as low as 50 AUD per day to the luxurious one, 150 AUD per day.

My next choice, Sydney!

Sydney is located on Australia’s south-east coast. The city is built around Port Jackson, which includes Sydney Harbour, leading to te city’s nickname, “the harbour city”.

Among the main attractions in Sydney are Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

For accommodation, I have an option to pay from as low as 40 AUD per day to the luxurious one, 140 AUD per day.

Finally, my last choice, Brisbane.

Brisbane by night

Among the main attractions to Brisbane are Ekka festival and The Valley Fiesta. Ekka is a cultural festival, held every year in August. The Valley Fiesta on the other hand offered free live music, market stalls, food and drink from many local restaurants and cafés, and other entertainment.
For accommodation, I have an option to pay from as low as 100 AUD per day to the luxurious one, 140 AUD per day.


Having fun with PensRuS October 2, 2007

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Nowadays, pens are no longer merely a writing instrument. It used to be black, blue and red in default. And I remember having fun mixing my notes with these three colors. Times change, so does the loyal writing instrument to us. A pen nowadays comes in variety of color, shape and tip. Learning experience went to the next level when making notes with more colors would stimulate the brain memories and creativities. Besides, the stylish designs and forms of what offered at make you look cool. With plenty of choices offered at super cheap prices, there’s another good reason to write more.


Paris Las Vegas

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Paris Las Vegas located in one of the most illustrious spots on earth, has all the fun under one roof. With classis interiors based in the French theme applied to almost all the 3,000 guestrooms, equipped with plenty of things that you can’t live with, is a total turn on. Apart from the exotic and awesome rooms, you will enjoy your stay here in Paris Las Vegas when you know there is a gaming haven around, witness the stunning view of Las Vegas from The Eiffel Tower Restaurant, Rossini, Mon and the list goes on, with one common thing – to serve the best dining experience while you’re in Las Vegas. Shopping is one step away in Paris Las Vegas, with plenty of shops, gift and convenience store under one roof. There’s more fun to be explored in Paris Las Vegas! See you there!


Eneloop : The battery for the 21st century September 21, 2007

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HenryTB from forum is another sifu that never failed to answer all my queries when it comes to photography. He’s one wise and good uncle guy, and he helped me a lot. In one of our conversation, he told me there’s a new battery, good for electronic device that uses a lot of power.

I’ve been in search for that battery ever since, and too bad, there’s no camera shop (that I’ve visited) sell that kind of batteries.

But today, a short visit to Dick Smith Electronics (a premier electronic mall in Australia, and New Zealand), and a slight glance to the cute girl at the counter reminds me of uncle Henry, and the image of the battery he showed to me. I stopped, and immediately bought the item, without hesitance.

It’s the Sanyo Eneloop battery, a combination of a rechargeable and a disposable battery, the next evolutionary step for batteries into the 21st century. It costs me AUD 30 for this pack, 4 AA size batteries, with the charger included. Among the advantages of using Eneloop battery are :

  1. immediate use (you can use it straight away from the pack – already charged from the factory)
  2. low self-disharge (Once charges, eneloop keeps its charge even if you store it for 6 or 12 months. ( 90 per cent of the charge after 6 months, 85 per cent after 12 months )
  3. environment protection (It can be charged up to 1000 times – so it can save 999 disposable batteries from polluting the planet!)
  4. universal application (you can use it on mostly electronic items)
  5. higher performance
  6. recyclable package

I am really fortunate to found this battery. I really hope it can perform up to its par or as good as those reviews I’ve read.

I will try this battery tomorrow, when I will fly with an ultra light aircraft, and take photos from the sky.


I want to upgrade to PDA September 4, 2007

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I think it’s time for me to upgrade to a new phone now. I’ve planned a lot of things related to my business, partnership and …. business. I’ve been craving for a PDA since I know there’s business management software. And thanks to the term ‘mobility’, it helps me realize that we can do business anywhere, anytime. But here I am, having problems to choose what PDA phone that I need to cater the needs of my business(s). Can you please my kind reader; choose for me which PDA phone (as listed below; O2 XDA Stealth, Dopod 838Pro, Eten M700GloFish and Blackberry 8300) that I should give a try, according to my needs below.

  1. I want to receive my business emails in my phone.
  2. I want to be able to work on my worksheets, presentation, etc (as if Im using a Microsoft Office) *wink – I need a Windows platform PDA.
  3. I am not sure if my Sales Illustration (for MCIS Zurich Life Insurance calculation) available in PDA/mobile version, but if they do, I need it to be in my phone too.
  4. I need a Messenger (YM, IM, MSN, you name it) in my PDA phone.
  5. I don’t want it bulky – good enough for me to hold it with my super cute palm. 😛
  6. I can blog from my phone without taking much time booting up my laptop.
Note : Please click image to go the their specifications

I know BlackBerry might be the solution, but considering the monthly plan charges from Maxis, I might need to forget about this model, for now.

Please post your valuable vote and comment ya. Thanks a lot!