Sandakan Crocodile Farm – Part 2 December 3, 2007

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Following the post of Sandakan Crocodile Farm – Part 1, this time, this post will display a set of pictures of what on show there, everyday from 3 -5 pm.


First, the staff (there were three of them) will educate the crowd about the crocodile physical features. A voice from one booth will tell it all, while the staff in the dried pool moves around the crocodile body to demonstrate according to the explanation from the booth.

This is the thinnest skin part of a crocodile body


Then another guy helped the first guy by re-positioning the crocodile to the back of the first guy. It was a dancing time!
First show was about to get started. The staff calmed down the crocodile by rubbing the crocodile face. As I look at the crocodile, they don’t even open their eyes. Are they sleeping or what?


Oi! Don’t poke my eyes la!

Then the show started.



This is how you brush the predator teeth.



Relax for a while lah

Mating demonstration 😉

Now satisfied, I let you rest for a while la. 

Now get another one

I came, I saw…

I kiss…. 

So that’s all or maybe part of the show in Sandakan Crocodile Farm. It brought back the memories and new experiences as well. This is a must go place in Sandakan, apart from other historical and interesting places available for outsiders who come to Sandakan.

That’s all for now my friends. If there’s any chance in future that I will have opportunity to visit Sandakan again, this will be in my top list of places to go.


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Sandakan Crocodile Farm – Part 1

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It has been 6 years since my last visit to the crocs at Sandakan Crocodile Farm. When late grandfather still alive, he always took us to this place. Back then, there’s no show for the visitors. The only live show presented was the feeding to the crocs. Normally they will feed the crocs with chicken and meat at 9 a.m. everyday.

Back then, it was all about crocodiles. I remember there were crocodiles all over the place. But now, they put in few other animals as well, to give more variety to the visitors experience at Sandakan Crocodile Farm.

These pictures represent what you can expect in Sandakan Crocodile Farm. Enjoy!




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Scuba Diving in Labuan September 23, 2007

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Labuan is another destination for you to consider when you think about Scuba Diving. The small islands around Labuan are Pulau Kuraman, Pulau Daat, Pulau Rusukan Besar, Pulau Rusukan Kecil, Pulau Papan and Pulau Burung.

With the infamous Four Wrecks of Labuan, it is another solid reason to spend your time scuba diving in Labuan. The Four Wrecks includes the The Blue Water Wreck (lies northeast Kuraman Island), The Cement Wreck ( lies east Kuraman Island), The Australian Wreck ( lies south west Rusukan Besar Island) and The American Wreck (lies south east Rusukan Kecil Island). has all the information you needed about scuba diving in Labuan, and all other scuba diving spot internationally. Another advantages of is you can discuss their travel plans with other divers and use their buddyfinder service to find a dive partner.


I’m going to KK July 4, 2007

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I am all prepared for my trip to Kota Kinabalu this coming Friday. I’ll be in the 7.30 am ferry, just so I can avoid getting in to the office (I hate it if I have to cancel my trip). With 2 more days to go, I am now working full mode so I can get more things done before I go. I don’t want any interruption during my holidays and it is with regards of what should only happen in the office.

I’ve got all the paperwork done; declaring the car, return ticket (ferry Labuan – Menumbok), change ownership (oh, did I mention I just bought a used Opel Vectra recently?), road tax and insurance. So I am still waiting for the completed declaration paper for bringing the car to mainland Sabah.

I’ll be in KK from this Friday 6th until 17th (I guess that will be on Tuesday, right?) to attend insurance obligated course (if not, I wont get back my license) and the Sabah Rugby Union Resident Cup Tournament which will be held in UiTM from 11th to 14th. During that period, I’ll try to go to interesting places in KK, so I can blog about it! And what else to do, meet my friends there! Perhaps I can meet some Sabahan blogger too, like Julian and Flanegan last December.

Right now, I am planning where to go so I can take beautiful pictures around Kota Kinabalu, and dedicated my trip to one series in my blog. Anything that’s decent (Im not onto clubbing, so please dont expect me to blog about night life in KK) please tell me. So, here’s my list.

1. Lok Kawi Wildlife Park
2. Ostrich Farm
3. Kundasang

That’s all I can remember from my list. Would you KK blogger advice or propose to me where I can take my camera and take picture?

Well, I can’t wait to board the ferry and enjoy the long drive to KK. I might stop by at Beaufort just to look at the development.